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    Re: Offseason Watch: Receivers

    I love this discussion and have been all for the suggs for Fitz trade, but perhaps we should keep Suggs and try to get a WR with the top pick. They can extend some of the big contracts to create some cap room. Ogden took up a huge chunk and perhaps McNair and Ray will renegotiate.

    The WR talent here is not awful, but we do need a real number 1 to make our offense consistently good.

    WR (7) When the whole WR core is healthy it is a pretty nice group. Mason is an awesome slot/ possession guy you can put anywhere.
    Clayton is very good when healthy, but I wonder if he is big and tough enough to stay on the field.
    Williams I think will be a star WR next year. He was really improving all the time before the injuries, but I think he does have the goods to be a true #1 who you have to double if you don't have great corners.
    Darling was our best WR down the stretch, and he is the only guy who gives us any real physical presence at the position.
    Figures will get some big plays on offense occasionally also I think, so we are basically O.K. at the position, but I would prefer to be great at WR than most other spots.
    Ocho Stink never won a playoff game, but could help us. If we can get him for a second round pick, or any of them I would be happy with the group.

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    Re: Offseason Watch: Receivers

    Good points Jeremiah, but I don't see any top 10 picks in the WR bunch in this draft class. DeSean Jackson and Mario Manningham are the top WRs, but both of them are below 15 picks. I think we're more likely to look at WR in the 2nd, where we should be able to grab someone who slips from the first round.
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