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    Bogey's Boys and Bitches, Thanksgiving Extravaganza Edition

    A bit late this week, sorry about that. I know my peeps are on the hook waiting for these sage words of football wisdom and I apologize. But remember, the best things are definitely worth waiting for. So you wait. Just remember, dogs run this world and if you doubt that I just have one question, who feeds and then cleans up the poop of the other? BAM!

    All rightie, so let's jump right in.

    Let me start with the Bungles and note they stepped up this week and produced a few BOYS. Carson Palmer can toss that rock and he had a big game in stopping the downward spiral, and his favorite target, Ocho Cinco (his IQ), made the catches and this week they are both BOYS. That Paul Brown knew his football and also could foresee the future, which is why these felons wear stripes. Paul Brown is a Hall of Fame BOY but he definitely passed none of that on to his son Mike...BITCH.

    Next up, Ben Chewburger, he's a quarter BOY. One good quarter against the Clowns to get the win. But against the Clowns one good quarter is all it takes. Pittspuke's D earns a group BOY nomination by shutting down that "potent" Clown offense, but Porter isn't included, he will always be pure BITCH!

    Next on to the Clowns. Pfft. They have taken the team BITCH mantle from the Bungs this week and my guess is they will hold onto that title with a firm grasp of SUCK. No offense, NONE. a returned pick and a KO return for their TDs. And their fans, BITCHES who at one time had the nerve to run QB and offense smack. Decent D, Wimbley could be a BOY one day and Winslow and Edwards can catch but Frye isn't NFL material. He tries, which keeps him from being called out. We're standing by waiting for the melt. And the Browns coaching, BITCH! Crennel's balls are apparently in Belichek's pocket. And again, the Clowns fans actually used to run smack on Billick. You can predict the next part of team Clown to fail based on the smack the fans are running. Right now they are all OSU fans tossing college smack so that means this off season the Buckeyes are ready for a massive recruiting scandal.

    Now onto our Ravens. A little flat out of the gate again, but at halftime they hit the phone booth and come out and do their thing. Once again the D is BOYS all the way around, shutting down a great running game and sacking Mike Vick 5 times. Pryce and Gregg get mentioned by name but that whole DL is pure BOY! The LBs stepped up without Ray and the DBs played a bit more solid, albeit against a lacking passing game. Great job. Jamal earns his way out of the BITCH house and gets a BOY nod. 3 TDs and some solid running earns him that. McNair and his targets, including Jamal who made some critical catches including a 4th down conversion, all BOYS. Great final drive to seal the win, I want to see more of that shit in the 4th quarter.

    Billick is my BOY. I have loved this guy since before I was born and never waivered. He had a bad season last year but this guy knows how to run a football team and if you doubt that just look around. Few coaches are better and for all the hype, in many more years of service Parcells has two rings to my BOY'S one. And we'll see about that in a few months.

    Which brings me to Parcell's team. The 'boys got a team BOY. Knocking off those fakes in horse shoes get a big tail wag and Romo a face lick. Now if I could only get into the BITCH locker room in Indy and drop presents all the way around I would be one happy beagle. Of course, no trip to Indy would be complete without a stop at everybody's favorite pissing hole.

    The Chargers also get a BOY as a team, first time in NFL history (over 12,000 games) that a team has overcome 21 half point deficits in consecutive weeks. Good job.

    Until next week when I dazzle you with my brilliance. Have a great Thanksgiving and remember some time during your football and turkey gluttony to give thanks for all that you have. If you can afford to invest so much time into NFL football you obviously are living a good life.
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    Re: Bogey's Boys and Bitches, Thanksgiving Extravaganza Edition

    It's good to know that, somewhere out there, there's a dog who not only can make a cultural reference to Alien3 (re: 85's IQ), but is also willing to take precious time away from licking his nuts to share his thoughts with us.

    I can only imagine what a sacrifice that must be.


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    Re: Bogey's Boys and Bitches, Thanksgiving Extravaganza Edition

    Skippy is an intellect . . . . . just ask the dingos . . . . . they know and they would add to Skippy's anaylsis if they weren't so busy scoping out portals to the outside world and/or voicing their displeasure with the wind.
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