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I'm still a way of having any decided opinion on our first round selection but I'm fully aboard the band wagon to get Henne with our second pick whatever that means. Was always more likely to better pro QB than college QB, shows poise in the pocket, really strong arm, good accuracy, good leadership in the huddle.
I'm actually getting really high on a lot of the second round QBs for our pick. Flacco, Henne, and Ainge are all favs of mine. Honestly, Woodson might even wind up falling that far and he'd be an absolute STEAL there if he does. Any of those four guys are IMO a far better option than Brohm in the first.

I don't agree with whoever it was that said there won't be trade-down partners. There are always people that want to move up in the draft, regardless of how thin the talent is. That's the beauty of the draft...suckers born every minute. As if Vinnie and Danny aren't dumb enough to trade half their draft to move up from #21. Jerry Jones, Al Davis, yadda yadda. Basically, there's always something that can be done.

I'd be thrilled to pick up say a second rounder this year and next to move down into the #20ish range. Honestly we could probably get more than that. Then we can draft Talib, who I think is a beast (and I could care less about his speed...they said the same thing about Suggs).

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