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    Thanks To Everyone For Your Support

    After returning from doing the 2008 Maryland Special Olympics as a Super Plunger I wanted to thank everyone for your support.

    Due to the people who donated to my page on behalf of the Maryland Special Olympics I was able to raise

    $ 12,520.00

    I just everyone who donated that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I was cold as shit. It also kicked my ass and it was the closest to death that I have ever been.

    Thanks again,

    Sports Steve

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    Re: Thanks To Everyone For Your Support

    Sports Steve you are very welcome.

    You are always there to help people and you're a stand up guy. Raising that amount of money for the Special Olympics is outstanding. I can't image what you went through being a Super Plunger. I got in the water once and that was enough for me.

    Put Sports Steve in the Hall Of Fame


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