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Thread: Billick to HBO

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    Re: Billick to HBO

    Quote Originally Posted by WxKevin View Post
    Come one braven, we all know Billick by now. He would never do that. Remember one thing he is extremely good at is PR. A good PR person never, ever burns bridges, especially in this profession.
    I hope your right,now maybe I can watch the show again.
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    Re: Billick to HBO

    Quote Originally Posted by highwater View Post
    Agreed -- if it's a rumor, a question mark would be appropriate, rather than having a subject line stating it as a fact.

    Billick and Collingsworth on the same set would be very interesting, IMO -- would the room be big enough for both of their egos?
    Probably not... but it will, would not take BB long to crush his ass, and run him off the show! We would shortly find out that Collinsworth's ego has no basis!!

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    Re: Billick to HBO

    Quote Originally Posted by ladyraven127 View Post
    That would be interesting . . . . Collingsworth and Billick. Collingsworth has never, not once that I can ever remember said anything good about the Ravens.

    I know I'm in the minority here, but I'm going to miss Billick and his "coach speak". I always got a giggle out of it. What really amused me was watching the meltdowns because people couldn't understand what he was saying or thought he was speaking down to them when that was just the way he talked. I've never seen people get so upset because a coach never threw anyone under the bus. I kinda admired him for that

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    Re: Billick to HBO

    Quote Originally Posted by Mista T View Post
    Carter and Collinsworth could give Marino a good run as the worst. I really can't stand any of the ex-jocks on the show. And do they still have Wanda somebody comedienne to add no humor to an already talentless show? And why, with a hour of commercial-free programming, can't Inside the NFL show the highlights of all sixteen games? Inside the NFL has degraded so much from the days of Buonicotti and Dawson, that I rarely to watch it anymore. I do DVR it and fast forward through 90% of it sometimes.

    If Billick were added, and one or more of the jock stiffs were dropped, I would be interested in watching it again -- as long as Ravens highlights were included.
    Mista T, I certainly agree with you about the degradation of Inside the NFL with the inclusion of all these cute sideshows I couldn't care less about at the expense of the highlights. When Nick Buonoconti and Len Dawson were there, I never missed a show. But haven't you noticed that the changes started when that little jerk Bob Costas took over as host? It has been all downhill from there.

    Re Cris Collingsworth. Gotta disagree with you there. I like him. He makes me laugh, and I find he has good insights. LadyRaven said that she has never heard him say anything good about the Ravens. I have. Near the end of last season, when everyone else picked against the Ravens, he said that he felt this team had a good chance to go all the way. Well the Ravens let him (and us, of course) down. In the coming season, the Ravens will have to go a long way to get him to stick his neck out again, probably.

    Drkraven, I'm with you about missing Billick. I just liked to hear him talk, and enjoyed his use of the language etc. If he's going to be on TV, I'm going to be watching him.


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