Jags Hire Donnie Henderson

Since all of Billicks assistants were fired, that means we have alot of coaching holes to fill besides OC & DC.

Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I was really hoping we'd bring in Henderson as secondary coach.
Dude did a damn good job when he was here, and the guys respected him.
I think he could have helped the younger guys step up their game and be less of a liability.

I'm going to assume that the assistants that fall under the OC & DC are normally hired by the head coach with alot of input from the OC & DC since they're the ones that will be working the closest with them.

Jeff Fitzgerald who was the linebackers coach has already been hired by the Bengals.
They need to get on with what their doing with Rex Ryan here.
I'm assuming that if he remains here with a new contract and raise, he'll want to retain alot of his assistants he already had.
The delay here is not helping that process, and time could start to prove costly in this department.