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    Re: So Why Is Not Rex Hired Yet?!

    Rex is still under contract and has been scouting for the team at the Senior Bowl, so things appear to be moving along.

    Aaron Wilson has been reporting that Rex is asking for a big raise - hence the hold up on a new deal - but that they'll likely get it done soon enough.
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    Re: So Why Is Not Rex Hired Yet?!

    Good lord.

    If they want him back, just get the damn thing done.

    Id rather him move on but that seems unlikely.

    What is also unlikely is a smooth move by the FO.


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    Re: So Why Is Not Rex Hired Yet?!

    Get him back...Harbaugh mention to the Philly media how he wants Rex back
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    Re: So Why Is Not Rex Hired Yet?!

    I'd suggest the lack of movement on our front this week is that I'd expect Ozzie to be down in Mobile at the Senior Bowl with the scouting staff, and that thing has engagements going all day round with morning practices, afternoon practices and evening meetings/interviews, so no scope for him to swing back up Baltimore to be part of a group to sort things out and get back down to Mobile without missing something. This is an important week for scouting so I'm not too put off by this.

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    Re: So Why Is Not Rex Hired Yet?!

    I imagine that since Rex is still under contract, they can take their time with an extension. Also, Rex did interview with the Redskins for their Head Coaching job and maybe the reason the Ravens are hesitating is that they want to make sure that all head coaching positions are filled before extending him and increasing his salary.

    The Ravens are probably working on filling the other asst. coaching positions.

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    Re: So Why Is Not Rex Hired Yet?!

    Another comment from Ozzie Newsome -

    "Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Todd Heap, Jonathan Ogden, Peter Boulware - all great players, and we never allowed them to leave," Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome said. "Rex is a Raven, and he will remain a Raven."

    I suspect Rex is a sure thing. I also believe that Rex will be a loyal and hardworking DC. Things are looking up!

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    Re: So Why Is Not Rex Hired Yet?!

    This is an important week for scouting so I'm not too put off by this.
    Well, I am - because we need a defensive coaching staff. It's just not Rex.

    He's already under contract. He's coming back, if money is an issue they can work that out later. But I want to see the staff filled out. Why wait until there is nothing but crumbs left?

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