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    franchise ratings

    my pseudoscientific rating of the 32 franchises.
    1) Patriots. consistent winners, multiple SBs. But how will they do after Brady?
    2) Colts. Give Jim 'Little Weasel' credit, he got good people to run the team and got out of their way.
    3) Squealers. Give the devils their due; few coaching changes, many playoff visits.
    4) Cowboys. A rare example of meddling ownership that works. Plus a zillion $ and a huge will to win.
    5) Seahawks. Building long-term success up there.
    6) Green Bay. Why is the NFL better than MLB? Compare the Pack's record with the Brewers.
    7) Eagles. I suspect when Coach Reid leaves, wins will continue.
    8) NY Giants. Hard to believe a NY team as underdog.
    9) Denver. Shanahan always seems to find a way to reload.
    10) Vikings. win, rebuild, win, repeat. still waiting for that SB though...
    11) 49ers. down now; may not recover for awhile with the change of ownership
    12) Chiefs. also down now, but they'll be back.
    13) San Diego. two steps forward, one step back. this might be their best team ever.
    14) Bears. typical NFL mediocrity; up, down, up, down...
    15) Ravens. Highly regarded talent, but only 4 playoff appearances in 10 years. a sleeping giant?
    16) Titans. vicitim of their own success; "now drafting 19th..."
    17) Tampa Bay. They would like Gruden to make a consistent winner, but it isn't done yet.
    18) Jags. Seem to be on the right track; we'll see.
    19) Carolina. Just when you think they're big-time, they revert. Wonder how much longer Fox etc will be there.
    20) DC. Big $, will to win, great heritage. Now, about this owner...
    21) Bills. last 10 years they're, what, 80-80? Not bad, but...
    22) Dolphins. Since dumping Shula, they went to good to average to look-out-below.
    23) Jets. bring back Parcells?
    24) Saints. Long history of two steps forward, three steps back.
    25) Falcons. Blank has more playoff success than, say Angelos.
    26) Rams. Yes, I know, they won a SB with the 'Greatest Show on Turf'. Show's over, folks.
    27) Browns. Incomplete; may have turned the corner.
    28) Texans. OK, they hit 500. can they stay there?
    29) Bengals. The Brown family has to learn from Irsay and get some pros to run the team.
    30) Raiders. Old Reputation; Commitment to Excellence, Mad Genius Maverick owner. New Rep: Al's lost it, fire the coach every two years. Sad.
    31) Lions. Matt Millen. any questions?
    32) Cardinals. Bidwell is the Angelos of the NFL. One playoff win since 1950. If small-market teams like Pitt and GBay can win...
    before youse flame me, remember, this is over last 10-15 years.
    okay, start flaming now.
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    Re: franchise ratings

    You said you're going by the last 10-15 years, but you're mentioning alot of recent events. I'm not going to flame you for where you put the Ravens, but some other teams need to move up or down. The Rams have won a Superbowl and been to 2 over your time frame. They should be much higher than 26. The Titans really only had 2 or 3 down years, when they realized what we should have realized, that McNair was washed up. The Raiders were great in the late 90s. The Niners haven't done anything the last 10-15 years.

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    Re: franchise ratings

    yr probably right about the 49rs; it's been quite awhile since Seifert-Young. I think the Rams were one of the worst teams of the 90s before that Vermeil-Warner run, which was only 3-4 years? yeah, the Raiders were in the SB, what 4-5 years ago? yes, I should probably switch the Titans and niners.
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    Re: franchise ratings

    Not only were the Raiders in the SB ('02), they had an AFC champ. game with us ('00) and got bounced by the underdog Pat's in the Div. round with the tuck rule game ('01). So they had a very good 3 year run in the last 10-15 years.

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    Re: franchise ratings

    I dunno dude...Seems to me you may be in over your head on this one...Bears, Chiefs and 49ers ahead of us?

    I'm raising the BullS**t flag...



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