This saga with Rex has got to come to an end..and hopefully soon. I very much want him here.. but its defintely wrong to not let the man know what his future is. The Ravens over the last few weeks have really messed things up in the past few weeks. Starting with Bischotti and Dick Cass. The way in which Billick was fired, the "coaching search" and now this rangling over Rex and stringing this matter out. I really hope the Ravens managment staff , mainly Bischotti and Cass are not putting to much of there input into these matters to the point where the causing alot of unnecessary distress among other in house front office personnel. I don't or we don't as fans know things for sure but it surely seems that way given how things have transpired. We've seen via the Orioles how things can go down hill and quickly when quality personnel is not allowed to do there jobs. Bottom line ... to these two guys.. Don't screw things up !!