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Here's my issue with what you are saying Houston.

You seem to think that if the HC goes to Ozzie and asks for a player that Ozzie is gonna do whatever he can to get that player.

I totally disagree with that.

IMO he takes that under advisement and that's it.

He will sit down with his personnel guys and go over every player they have an interest in and set the board.

The HC of a NFL team spends the majority of his time concentrating on coaching the team etc...

All that time he's doing that, the scouts and Ozzie are scouring over hours of film determining what guys they wanna target.

Ozzie isn't gonna throw that out the window just because the HC or any other coach says he wants a particular player.

OK, I see your point now and I think we do agree actually.

I was taking it as an assumption all the film viewing, reports, etc were taken for granted in our discussion. I guess it parcing words, but I dont think Ozzie would say the actual words "I will take it under advisement". That smacks of a lack of a partnership between the GM and the coach, which I dont think happened with Oz and Billick.

I agree with you 100% (for once)!