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You keep making it sound like Ozzie is some kind of waiter taking orders from his coaches.
No. I didnt even suggest that. It's not an either / or proposition. Yes, Billick is the coach and has input. Yes, Ozzzie has the final say. ALL NFL teams rely on a coaches input on selecting people -- Im not saying nothing more or nothing less.

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That's just wrong. Coaches can voice their opinions just as my kids can voice their opinions at family dinner, and the Vice President can voice his opinion about whether a bill becomes a law.

If you were right, why would the scouts not work for the coaching staff, instead of for the gm?

Number of times read Next Man Up =/= Number of times understood Next Man Up

You remain obstinately wrong on a simple point, and I no longer am interested in persuading you.

And to quote you, just because you state it as fact, doesnt make it so. Slam the book, the media, me, etc all you want but every NFL uses their coaches input on making personnel desicisons. These player picks do not happen in a vacuum.

I never said scouts work for the coach. Not sure why you keep reading into my posts on this. Scouts work for the GM. (???)