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Just wait and see what happens if Harbaugh doesn't set the world on fire from the get go.

The "Anybody but Billick" crowd is in for a rude awakening come next September when we trot what looks to be almost the same offensive personnel out there that we did last year.

I agree. I am not expecting any miracles here. I am just hoping that somenew blood on the coaching front will change players attitudes. I'm thankful for Billick, he did get us a ring, but I was also happy to see him leave as it was time. This is going to be a great year as we will find out if we just needed a change at the top, or if we need to start to rebuild. If we need to rebuild fine, we get to see some new faces through FA and the draft, if not we get to watch our players change the way the look at the game. Either way this should be fun! :happyanim