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Ok dont agree but Take it easy Purplepoe, its not that serious.

Priest never played here at the level he had played in KC. Thats a fact. There were flashes of it. But if You want to go on about this whole Ozzie and Billick thing, fine, thats been your game the past few weeks. I'm not getting caught in that. I have no beef with Billick or Ozzie, but Billick didnt get the most out of Priest the way the chiefs did. Thats a fact, stat wise. I'm sure most of you will just write off all the TDs he scored with KC - forget about the yards and receptions.
What should Billick have done differently?

He used him in 99 when he was healthy and he produced.

The team drafted Jamal Lewis in 2000 and he went on rush for over 1200 yds and we won the SB.

Then Holmes moved on the Chiefs.

Your contention is that somehow Billick not getting the most out of Holmes resulting in us taking Jamal #5 overall instead of using it on another player/position.

Once again, he became the coach in 1999. Holmes was injured for much of that year. We drafted Jamal in 2000.

Please explain to me how Billick's inability to get the most out of Holmes 1)resulted in us spending a high pick on Jamal and 2) has anything to do with what he did in KC.

And stop with your "I know what you're gonna say" crap.

Holmes was fantastic in KC and I haven't nor will I take anything away from his accomplishments.

The facts are Billick coached a healthy Holmes for half a season and then we drafted Lewis. Lewis was a very productive back that was the workhorse on a Super Bowl winning team. Holmes complemented him nicely and then moved on to another team because he wanted to start and knew he wouldn't here for numerous reasons. The team wanted him but couldn't because of the cap.

Those are the facts.

You haven't once addressed what Billick did when you claim he didn't get the most out of Holmes.