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Why not an O linemen?

We could draft Jesus and wouldnt matter one bit if we cant protect him long term. Linemen are not sexy picks, I freely admit it. But with JO and others on the downside of their careers, we need to protect whomever is making the throws. That's the modle other teams have set forth (Pats, Colts, Steelers, Skins back in the 80's, etc.) and it works.

When building a battleship, you lay the armour before you install the guns!

We may have our differences here on this board, but I come from the same school of thought regarding this.

If you look at the more productive offenses in this league, they all have generally one thing in common....
Strong offensive lines...

We are extremely weak at offensive tackle right now, and quite frankly, have been that way for awhile.
To me, Yanda simply is not an NFL right tackle.
He can get by, but not ideal with his size.
He got the crap beat out of him by the higher quality defensive ends this year, and I don't see that changing much.

Lord only knows what Ogden is going to do, but even if he comes back (which I doubt), he is not a long term solution, and the drop off if he gets hurt is dramatic.
That basically leaves Terry who seems to do alright at LT, and Gaither with very little experience but could probably step in and play RT.

We have no depth after that.

We need a true pass rushing defnsive end!!

When Pryce went down, the entire defense changed dramatically.
Your secondarys best friend is the pass rush.
We got alot of tweener linebacker types, but not a great deal of depth at true defensive end.
With a pass rush, I think our secondary could survive if only one of our two starting DBs were to get hurt.
Running out guys that we ran out at the end of last year to start both sides was tragic, and we all saw it.

Not too often that both your starting DBs go down, so I'd roll the dice anticipating that you may only lose one.
McCallister rarely is injured.

With that being said, I'd still look for another quality DB for depth at minimum, but wouldn't make it the top priority.

QB is a priority, but I think if you fix up the O-line abit more you help out our current crop of QBs to be a little more successful.

I think you can grab a QB in the later rounds and still be successful if you pick the right guy.

Look at some of the teams that were in the post season, or were damn close this year, and who they have at QB, and where they were picked.

Tom Brady-5th round pick(obviously this doesn't happen very often, but it does happen)
Matt Hassleback-not sure where he was picked, but it wasn't real high IIRC.

Tony Romo-undrafted free agent.
Derrik Anderson-6th or 7th round.

That's enough examples right now I think, but they all have high quality offensive lines helping them be successful.

Now some of this will probably be fixed through free agency, but I don't think anymore then 1 or 2 spots at most.

The only way we take a QB at #8 is if it's Matt Ryan, and I doubt he'll be there, but one never knows.

I would definitely be looking to trade down and try and bilk some teams later first rounder and second round pick.

You can more then most likely get a QB like maybe Woodson or Dixon in the high second round or possibly a little later, and fill three holes we really need to fill with three picks in rounds 1 & 2.

With the later first round pick you get in a trade you can fill either the DE or OT spot, and fill the other with the second of 2 second round picks.

If we're lucky, we get a compensatory round 3 pick for one of the big three free agents we lost last year.

Fill in other needs with the later rounds and hope you hit on at least one which we seem to do fairly often.

I don't know, this is not my field of expertise, but it seems to work wonders for teams like the pats, cowboys, etc., and has proven to work well for s in past drafts.

Holding the #8 pick puts us in a good spot to do this if the right opportunity presents itself, and I would definitely go that way if it does.