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Umm, Boller will be here too, it makes too much financial sense... BUt Boller should be gone after Next year... Troy can't be the only guy we are hanging the future of the franchise on, and realistically, I'm not nearly that hopeful... I'd give him a 15-20% chance of being a reliable starter, 5% o fbeing a star, and maybe 60% of being a backup.
I thought Yanda, Pryce, Suggs, CMaC and Rolle all are good enough to wait. Boller sucks and Troy hasn't been good yet.
QB is the ONLY way to go, IMO.
Oh of course Boller will be there and a half decent fall back option, but if we want to improve this team we've gotta improve somewhere and can't go into next season with what we've got if we seriously expect to make an improvement next season and the sooner we get a QB in that we can build around, the better. I think you and I both agree with that if I didn't put it across as well in that first post.