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    Re: Trainer/Conditioning Coach

    Quote Originally Posted by AZRAVEN
    I don't really keep track of these things so I'll ask this question, are the Ravens the only team experiencing an increase in these injuries?
    I'm pretty sure I read somewhere recently that one of the first conclusions Bill Parcells reached upon arriving in Miami was that their conditioning was really poor. I think he was referring to injuries, and perhaps to the medical staff dropping the ball on their evaluations of players' health (Culpepper, Porter, to name two).

    Injuries happen -- I think the age of some of our players is a factor (Odgen and McNair, for example).

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    Re: Trainer/Conditioning Coach

    Speaking of being able to prevent injuries - I'll throw this into the mix.

    The Patriots Strength/Conditioning Coach has 6 SB Rings (He'll have 7 in 2 weeks time). Before New England, he served the same capacity with the Dallas Cowboy's Dynasty.

    If there is anybody who know the magic forumula to keep football players healthy, its probably this guy.

    And, he was born in Bmore!

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    Re: Trainer/Conditioning Coach

    Thanks Ravenswarrior19! That got me back searching/reading
    Mike Woicik said football-specific training was in its infancy, and he had to develop his own program from his experience as a track coach at Springfield College in Massachusetts. Once Dick McPherson took over the football program, though, Woicik began to earn his trust and became a national leader in college football training.
    In 1987, the SU football team was undefeated in the regular season, and it was just a matter of time before a NFL team snagged Woicik.

    In 1990, with the recommendation of former Orangemen fullback Daryl Johnston, Woicik latched on with Jimmy Johnson and the Dallas Cowboys. During his seven seasons in Dallas, he earned NFL's "Strength Coach of the Year" in 1992 as he watched several Hall-of-Famers in the making.

    Throughout his career, Woicik maintained that while he helped his teams, he was never the reason they won so many Super Bowls.

    Once Belichick was hired in New England, Woicik was one of the first hires he made.

    Fuhrman 2005 Squealers Super bowl Strength Coach, but I don't know if the Coach of the Year is more likely to be named based on team's record than actual qualifications.

    Johnny Parker a four-time recipient of the NFL Strength Coach of the Year Award.
    "Preventing injury supersedes everything," said Parker, a staff member on Super Bowl champions with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2002) and the New York Giants (1986, 1990). "If you prevent injury, then a player can play longer -- through a game, through a season, through a career."
    With that last quote, I'm going to try to wrap up my thoughts.
    There are preventable injuries or at least able to have severity or occurance reduced (hamstrings, groin pulls, abdominal strains.... maybe even cramping - maybe we don't have a drill-sarge on the sidline monitoring fluid intake for every player)
    The Ravens seem to have had more than their share of them.
    Recommendation to SB, Ozzie, JH, ... Don't just hire a friend or someone you know may recommend.
    Do as good of a search for the Strength coach as you do for a HC.
    Get expert consultants (academic, olympic, where ever) and find someone with a strong emphasis on prevention.
    We don't want to see another year where 6 players are not on the field because of hamstrings, we want to see our starters starting! We want them as healthy as possible throughout the year, and hopefully into the post-season.
    This is one coaching position that shouldn't be made quickly or as an afterthought.

    And a link to something that is not understandable to me, but may be a lead for you


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