Another thing that has been stewing in the back of my mind for a good while is the Ravens condition(ing).

I have no arguements that they are in shape, I see muscles bulge, I hear percentage of body fat numbers, what I'm pondering is more subtle and hopefully I can put my thoughts across and gain some more insight from others.

Now I don't know much about the current/past training staff, so I'm not addressing anything specific... Just that there seemed to be a large number of muscle injuries... strains, pulls, hamstrings... and I began thinking along the lines of maybe we needed a new trainer.

I understand that there are reliable/proven techniques and procedures, and at the same time we know that athletes are bigger, faster, stronger... so there is a chance that the old techniques have reached their limit and weren't really created to deal with this upper stratosphere of today's professional fitness.

"Oh, the tendon pulled right off the bone"
I don't remember ever hearing of such things starting back in the days of Gino and Big Daddy and Billy Ray.... didn't hear such things with Curtis, and Barnes and Laird
No it seems to me to be a far more recent phenomenon, and I don't have the answers
Just a nagging thought that there is something missing. I know there is stretching and flexability, and running against elastic resistance... but is there more that can be done and from a completely different slant?

People with X percentage of fast twitch muscles lift weights for a different amount of time per week than those with a higher percentage of slow twitch muscles???
People with X percentage of slow twitch do stretching on a different time scale. (I toss that out as conversational speculation)

I know injuries occur, legs get rolled up on, stinger shots to the spinal column happen, and I'm not talking about those.

So... how are/were the Raven trainers? Are they basically clones of every other team? Do they stay the same? or will they also change with a new staff?
In life we see Alternative medicine, alternative diets, alternative this alternative that, and I wonder if something "alternative" is needed to be added to help stop hamstrings from pulling, allow ankles to roll a little more without sidline-ing a player.