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    Teams still loading up the box

    Dont know if anyone caught this last night on Ravens Wired,but David Shaw was talking to Clayton on the sidelines and said that the Titans were loading up the box,and they were going to have one on one coverage on the ouside and needed to take advantage of it.

    It is really odd if you ask me that teams STILLL dont respect our passing game and feel like if they stop the run then they can beat us.Do they watch film?? Do they think that our Oline wont be able to hold up?? Do they still fear the non existent running game??Our running game has been useless for the most part all year and while we heard all last year "they load up the box because Boller sucks and we have no passing game" it looks like teams are still playing us the same way.

    I wonder if teams will start to realize that we actually have a passing game now and we will toss it around on themn all day if we need to like this past Sunday.

    I have been big Jamal backer up until the past couple weeks but when I hear things like this it makes me start to wonder again if he is losing it or what the deal is.

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    Re: Teams still loading up the box

    Everyone knows the Ravens want to run...but at least now we're getting some points on the board.

    The deep ball to Williams was great, i was really excited to see that route, the throw...very well done.

    It's also a matter of what bothers you more. The Ravens make teams beat them by throwing the ball (most of the time...).

    Keep running the play action or delayed/fake handoffs and we could get a lot done...we can have more plays with Clayton standing around with no on within about 15 yards.


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