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    Returning short FG's for TD's

    Anyone who was watching the late nite Bears vs. Giants game had visions of Chris McAlister and our field goal return in Denver. It was plain as day to see that when Damon Hester caught the FG attempt in the endzone, he had visions of TDs dancing in his head.

    The Giants looked totally unaware of his intentions, as at least half their 11 players seemed to be heading to the bench as he sped out of the endzone. The TD, along with an Int from Eli Manning on the next possession, all but locked up the win for the Bears.

    After the game, Tom Coughlin's only comments on the play were that it was his decision to try the long kick in the windy stadium, and that "it is very hard to cover a missed field goal".

    This, to me, is as clear an example as you will find of being out-coached. Isn't it unexceptable to have no answer to a play that cost you a game. Lots of things in the NFL are "very hard". Stoping Peyton Manning, winning on the road, containing LT or Mike Vick. But you never see coaches say oh well, it was just too hard. It looked like the thought never crossed the Giants mind that Hester could return this kick. Even though the Bears did it last year and the Ravens before that.

    The question is, how can the Raven's avoid this mistake in the future. With an aging Matt Stover, it is a very real possibility that we could attempt a long FG at some point that allows an opportunity for a return. We will not be caught offguard, but we will need to cover. My first thought is instead of blocking for the kick with big slow O-lineman, maybe we line up some of the bigger special teamers who can still run. AD and Heap come to mind. Maybe line up the long-snapper and two guards, and then a bunch of TE's and Linebackers outside of them. That way at least we have a chance of chasing someone down.

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    Re: Returning short FG's for TD's

    Great post & analysis on this subject. I agree we have an aging kicker who's distance for kicking FG's may be decreasing, but Billick & the Ravens are smarter than Coughlin was. They always talk to Stover before sending him out there, to know what his range is. He always gives an honest answer. I would hope they are using Koch in practice to practice long range FG's that may be outside Stover's range. He has a strong leg & could maybe fill in the blanks of our kicking game as Stover's range decreases.

    Your FG special team lineup is interesting, I wonder if AD has practiced in this role, hell he does everything else.

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    Re: Returning short FG's for TD's

    Coughlin was irritated and said some of his (kicking team) players were headed for the sidelines after the miss instead of trying to tackle the guy.


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