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    Re: I Don't Care What Anyone Says, Ray

    I really dont believe our defensive struggles came solely because Ray wasnt on the field. I think it had more to do with Dennis Haley being on the field. Rex had to dumb down the scheme for Haley because he took no snaps as a linebacker with the Ravens defense. Rex stuck with a very simple base defense in order to get Haley back into the flow. I dont think we would have had nearly as big of a problem had Mike Smith been playing that game.

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    Re: I Don't Care What Anyone Says, Ray

    I feel a little bit better, because last night on Monday Night Live, they were talking about the fact that we were playing a very generous zone, since they hadn't seen a lot of VY, and they didn't want to get burned by his wheels. In the 2nd half, we went back to our normal D, and you know the rest of the story.


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