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  1. Re: New GM Possible for Ravens?

    People really need something to talk about.

    1) Billick was coming back. From all indications it is true that Bischotti changed his mind in the last two weeks and made the move with gut. (Stephen Colbert would be proud)

    2) Newsome has done a stellar job. But, I can agree with this point. Anyone who feels that the lack of success in 2007 is solely on Billick's shoulders, isn't seeing the whole picture. The Ravens simply have too much talent on the roster not to be back in the mix in 2008. A fresh perspective on the offensive end and a new voice delivering it would be helpful. BUT...

    3) The Ravens must choose the next coach carefully. You are not yet in a rebuilding mode. You still have several vets that need to be won over by the new man and that will be important to having everyone go forward.

    4) Lack of QB development falls on everyone's shoulders. Not resigning Dilfer. Signing Grbac. The "competition" between Redman and Boller. Letting Anderson go. Anthony Wright. The list goes on.

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    Re: New GM Possible for Ravens?

    Of course "Oz" didn't want Billick to go. Billick took all the heat for the problems of this team while "Oz" walked on water. And guess what......If a new coach doesn't fix things, "Oz" knows he would be next to go.

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    Re: New GM Possible for Ravens?

    Quote Originally Posted by TRAP View Post
    Another rumor says Garrett is coming here with Jessica Simpson. He's still working on Romo.
    I will allow Jessica Simpson to sit in my extra seat, even if she wears the pink jersey. I'm sure that my wife won't mind.


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