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    Re: New GM Possible for Ravens?

    Quote Originally Posted by crpravens View Post
    Clayton is totally unproven.. What has he done?

    Ismail was a average WR at best..

    When has he gotten a star wide out or quarterback?
    Clayton was healthy last season and with that picked up 939 receiving yards, which in our offence is prety good output. He was gimped this season and that was plain for all to see.

    Ismail was average, yes but again, 1,000 yard receiving season, not to be sniffed at.

    As for your last point again, it's not one person's fault, one person doesn't do it all. Changing the head man won't suddenly bring in a a top quarterback, it's the fault of the entire personnel and scouting departments, not just the guys at the top. Unless you're advocating firing the entire scouting department that has brought in more Pro Bowl players than any other in the league and is widely renowned as one of the best in the league.

    Talk about chopping off the nose to spite the face.

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    Re: New GM Possible for Ravens?

    Question who is responsible for the scouting and personnel departments? Who is in charge?

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    Re: New GM Possible for Ravens?

    Quote Originally Posted by UKRavenStockers View Post
    How many GMs do "find" top end quarterbacks. People are acting like there's guys unemployed who can do a better job than Ozzie, there's not. Ozzie does a damned fine job and brings in players with talent for the coaching staff to develop.

    He can't watch every pro and college QB to assess who should be brought in, that role falls to the pro and college scouts to spot the right talent and lend their advice to Ozzie. No one person is culpable for our lack of ability to find a QB, it's a shared responsibility around the entire personnel and coaching department and firing one person won't suddenly see us bring in a good quarterback.
    and others players besides quarterback....

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    Re: New GM Possible for Ravens?

    this is silly, Oz is the best in the business period!! 1st round his record stands for itself, undrafted free agents again great, he only has issues in 2nd & 3rd round, but i would take him over almost anyone else.

  5. Re: New GM Possible for Ravens?

    Quote Originally Posted by ravenwoman View Post

    I also think that the next head coach is going to be the pick that Dick Cass and Steve Bisciotti wants. They will listen to Ozzie, but ultimately, these 2 guys run the franchaise.
    Then why have a GM at all That would be crazy of them

  6. Re: New GM Possible for Ravens?

    Quote Originally Posted by crpravens View Post
    He has not found a decent quarterback ever.. He has put together 2 losing teams in the last 3 years..

    How long do you give him?
    Not many teams have that GREAT QUARTERBACK

  7. Re: New GM Possible for Ravens?

    People really need something to talk about.

    1) Billick was coming back. From all indications it is true that Bischotti changed his mind in the last two weeks and made the move with gut. (Stephen Colbert would be proud)

    2) Newsome has done a stellar job. But, I can agree with this point. Anyone who feels that the lack of success in 2007 is solely on Billick's shoulders, isn't seeing the whole picture. The Ravens simply have too much talent on the roster not to be back in the mix in 2008. A fresh perspective on the offensive end and a new voice delivering it would be helpful. BUT...

    3) The Ravens must choose the next coach carefully. You are not yet in a rebuilding mode. You still have several vets that need to be won over by the new man and that will be important to having everyone go forward.

    4) Lack of QB development falls on everyone's shoulders. Not resigning Dilfer. Signing Grbac. The "competition" between Redman and Boller. Letting Anderson go. Anthony Wright. The list goes on.

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    Re: New GM Possible for Ravens?

    Of course "Oz" didn't want Billick to go. Billick took all the heat for the problems of this team while "Oz" walked on water. And guess what......If a new coach doesn't fix things, "Oz" knows he would be next to go.

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    Re: New GM Possible for Ravens?

    Quote Originally Posted by TRAP View Post
    Another rumor says Garrett is coming here with Jessica Simpson. He's still working on Romo.
    I will allow Jessica Simpson to sit in my extra seat, even if she wears the pink jersey. I'm sure that my wife won't mind.


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