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    Re: TLT vs Moore...who's the #5 WR?

    Before we talk about cutting Moore remember who was throwing to him.
    The dude quit on a route for a perfectly thrown ball that was not going to require him to stretch or expose his ribs. He made the turn then STOPPED. The ball was thrown just as he stopped, he didn't stop in anticipation of a hit on a ball he would have to stretch for, he just stopped. If you watch the guy enough he is terrified to go over the middle. I don't blame him, I would be too, but I am not collecting game checks for being a pansy.

  2. Re: TLT vs Moore...who's the #5 WR?

    Quote Originally Posted by RavenScallywag
    we might try to bring in a vet receiver that gets cut from somewhere else. Perhaps Charles Rogers from Detroit?
    I would think that if we bring in a vet WR, it would be someone who is multi-faceted...can return kicks, isn't afraid to block, etc.

    One other many vets with any real talent are going to sign to be the #5 WR anyway?

    You're probably looking more at a Dez White/Justin Gage type for that 5th spot...someone who will only be activated if someone else gets hurt.


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