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Thread: Steve B

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    Re: Steve B

    Quote Originally Posted by Purpleguy View Post
    Much of our talent needs to shut their mouth. Any new coach worth his weight in salt will want this to be his team, not Ray's, or Ogdens, or C-Mac's, or Ed Reed's, etc..
    I totally agree with you there and I think that was part of Billick's problem possibly.

    I also think that the firing of Billick ended ALL thoughts or hopes of Ogden coming back. I really think he was done, but I know he is not going to want to come back and learn a whole new playbook and offense.

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    Re: Steve B

    sounds like an under the table deal was reached w/ a coaching candidate, to me.....

    Otherwise, why the change of heart the day after a win, no less...

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    Re: Steve B

    Quote Originally Posted by highwater View Post
    I agree, and I while I don't want pile on Bisciotti too much, I can't see how you can say this was respectful, for the reasons pp cited above.
    Just the presser itself. Obviously the abrupt firing after the assurances, and the fact that this originated from the owner's side, are red flags. I just think it's premature to start comparing Biscotti to Angelos, or to attack the quality of his ownership yet.

    My only point about respect was that he was extremely respectful to Brian at the presser itself, that may not count for anything for you guys, but my #1 concern was that he would come out and be obnoxious and arrogant. Which he clearly wasn't. That would have been a terrible sign, but it's not what I observed.

    As Darb correctly pointed out in another thread, we are unlikely ever to know what happened behind closed doors. These decisions are made (I would guess, anyway) based on factors 90% unknown by us, the public, and 80% unknown by the insiders.

    Based on the little I knew, I would not have made this move. But Biscotti has access to that other 90%, and he may have had very good reasons he can't or won't articulate to us.

    Anyway I hope they bring in someone good. I bet they will, and I'm guessing they'll go young, and outside the organization.

    His definitions and arguments were so clear in his own mind that he was unable to understand how any reasonable person could honestly differ with him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dont Know View Post
    I don't like how this all went down, Peter King sheds some light on what happened, but it just adds to the confusion.
    That doesn't make for easy reading.Doesn't really matter what was said at the presser if what Peter King says is true.Then BB got shafted good and proper,and he deserved better treatment than that for what he accomplished
    in Baltimore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by festivus
    Obviously the abrupt firing after the assurances, and the fact that this originated from the owner's side, are red flags. I just think it's premature to start comparing Biscotti to Angelos, or to attack the quality of his ownership yet.
    Although I don't especially like the way this was handled, I never compared Bisciotti to Angelos, so I hope you were referring to somebody else when making the above statement (you quoted me making a comment that didn't mention Angelos at all).

    Sheesh. What a week. Sorry if I'm a little cranky.

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    Re: Steve B

    I can honestly say I have no real issues with what happened yesterday. I do believe that Stevie B has some PR issues with speaking to the media, but it was a hard decision that had to be made.

    I do, however, think that him securing Billick's job weeks ago was a bad move. No decisions should've been made until after the season.

    The NFL is a cut throat business. These things happen all the time, and Billick was not exempt. The fact of the matter is, when your team no longer respects your coaching, cannot beat a previously winless team, and get blown out on almost every nationally televised game, then changes need to be made. Most of us thought that Billick's time was up anyway. I don't think that you can nicely fire someone.

    I'm sure all of us have made commitments and backed out of them for different reasons. Not saying it's right, but Stevie didn't get rich from Aerotek for being a softie. Sometimes your gut instinct is the right instinct. We'll move on and we'll be better in the coming years and this will be an afterthought to us as fans.

    That being said, Billick was a great coach and I wish him the best. Look forward to seeing him on CBS or Fox next season.
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    Re: Steve B

    Oh, and as some of you are looking at Peter King's article as some kind of confirmation as to what went down, please don't. While he has a great column, he is no different than the reporters here at the Sun or any other media source. Most of what media folks get is hearsay from "reliable sources", not confirmed. I can't tell you how many times PK said one thing and then something the exact opposite happened.

    Have you guys ever thought that top personnel sometimes sell "wolf tickets" to others within the organization, to weed out who the moles are?

    This happens all the time, and we lost a coach here a couple of years, in part because of this very thing.

    Just something to think about..........
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    Re: Steve B

    I will wait to make judegment because we dont know what went on behind closed doors,Maybe Stevie asked billick to fire his staff and Brian said fire me then?
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    Re: Steve B

    The guy owns a football team and also owns millions upon millions of dollars. He does not speak well. So what? I am sure he usually hires someone to do the talking for him. Of course the press conference was hastily put together. The guy had less than a one day turn around to address the press. Once again, he answered the questions for the most part. The ones he did not answer was out of respect for his friend Brian Billick.

    Billick is not the first coach to ever be fired from his position. This is not unprecedented. Is it fair that he was canned after being told his job was safe? No, but they (BB and SB) are both adults and understand how things work. If Billick feels he was wronged in any manner, I am sure he will let it be known. In case you have not noticed, Brian Billick is not the type of guy to sit back and keep his mouth closed.

    I for one am not about to slam Steve Bisciotti as an owner just yet. I have heard the guy speak twice and both times were a bit suspect. I think he is simply a terrible public speaker. Shoot, our President of this country is a terrible public speaker, yet has managed to hold the highest elected seat in the country... twice.
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    Re: Steve B

    I have been reading message boards for the last 3 days including the blogs at WNST. The media and everyone is disecting this as though everyone needed 3 weeks advance notice to make a decision about their head coach. The media as a whole feels it is their God given right to know every move the Ravens make. Wrong! Jay Glazier uncovered the story starting on Sunday and the local media didn't have a clue.

    The Ravens gave assurances to Billick because they had 3 games to play and they wanted the players to play hard. I believe that a person who owns a business has a right to change their mind. Maybe something else transpired that convinced him to fire Billick. I was surprised because I sincerely thought that there was no way Bisciotti would eat Billick's contract. I was wrong.

    We will never know the truth behind the firing or the exact timeline of Bisciotti's thinking. None of us really know this man. There are too many parties involved. But I will not think less of Bisciotti for making this decision or the way he made it because it is his business and he can run it the way he wants. It is very evident to me he wants to win now and he is willing to gamble away Billick for someone who he feels gives us a better chance to win.

    I support the change and look forward to the 2008 season.

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    Re: Steve B

    Jesus Christ, people.

    The Setting Sun has been nit-picking every aspect of the team, leading to wild and outlandish conclusions and now here we are as fans, doing the exact same thing we hate the Sun for.

    Bisciotti was contrite, emotional and yes, unprepared. He basically admitted such since this was him changing his mind.

    For ALL of those who think this was some sort of back handed snub or unprofessional firing, simply go to the Ravens web site and read Brian's statement for crying out loud!

    NONE of you making these wild conclusions have ANY fact. None. How about looking at this one for what it is -- a friend had to fire another friend who has been in all of our lives for 9 years.

    Any other conclusion is guessing.

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    For one, The Ravens nor Biscotti made any comments that Billick was his man and was staying this season. Billick made the comment that he would be back but The ravens or steve never confirmed this. There was no back and forth from steve. The MEDIA made those comments of "sources" saying billick was safe, and blah this and that.

    Steve said himself he made the final decision that morning, so yes the press conference looked a little jumbled because IT WAS just thrown together a few moments before then, who cares. He was there to only state billick has been fired and they are searching for a new head coach. He said that, and thats all we got from it.

    he even stated at the begining he has fired alot of people, but never had to discuss in public the reasons why he did, or be confronted by the world why. In most businesses, thats the way it is, behing closed doors. So yeah it was uncomrotable to fire your friend and then have to talk about it to everyone.
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