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Thread: Double standard

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    Re: Double standard

    Honestly, no matter how you slice it, I don't think either one of them is TRULY the answer

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    Re: Double standard

    If the line doesn't protect, nobody is the answer at QB. That's my primary point.

    Peyton Manning is a great quarterback - I think nobody disagrees. Look at his numbers when he's forced from the pocket - far from great. When his left tackle missed a game, and he was pressured on most attempts, he threw six picks. Did he suddenly become a lousy QB that day? Of course not.

    People have complained about letting Anderson go, because he's done well in Cleveland. He's also been protected by a good line. Perfect example - Browns' game here. Boller was sacked six times, and hurried ten (our line didn't even show up in the first half.) in the second half, with a little protection, Boller led us to 23 points and a lead the defense blew with 16 seconds left. Anderson was sacked once, and hurried maybe five times.

    When Boller gets some protection, he plays well (see New England game.) If he would ever get the protection Manning and Brady get, he'd play well consistently. His entire career here, he played first behind lines built to run block, and now a line with rookies and aging, injured veterans. I think he did a lot better this season than should have been expected with that line. 61.1% completion rate, including big plays downfield. I hope the new staff looks at his games when he got some protection, and doesn't just buy into the media and fans' line re Boller. We CAN win with him.

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    Re: Double standard

    I very much agree with what your saying about the Oline and such, good points

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    Re: Double standard

    Look guys. Right now our QB situation, as big a lightning rod as the subject is, is on hold right now.

    We need to actually have a Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator first. Now we're down our top two positions, and however many coaches were given the boot.

    And you have NO idea what any new HC is going to think of who is here. Maybe the next HC thinks he can build the offense AROUND one of our two young QB's. Maybe he comes in and says he doesn't want ANY of them and wants to start with a new QB altogether.

    Oh yeah, BTW we have this issue of whether Ogden is going to retire or not. That is going to shape the OL next year.

    How about we let some other chips fall first. THEN let's fight about Boller and Smith again?

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    Re: Double standard

    No...I want to fight NOW!....just kidding....your exactly right.

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    Re: Double standard


    if you don't want to talk about it, then butt out. Don't tell other people what they can or can not discuss. Well, unless you are paying for the web space.

    Amazingly enough the offensive line seems to have its best games when Boller is not under center. After five years you would think people would notice a trend. Boller doesn't know how to work the pocket. He can't sense pressure, he can't avoid blitzers, and he makes the line look much worse than they actually are. McNair did too when he was in this year, but McNair was playing on one leg.

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    Re: Double standard

    When the OL is perfect and the WR's are catching any and everything in site, guys like Jeff Blake can perform.

    I don't see the point of beating the "if the OL gives Boller 5 seconds every time he will be good" drum.

    You can say that about every QB this city has ran out of town.

    Anyway, we don't have a HC like Stinger has said and I think that is the bigger issue than another Boller Hugger thread.

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    Hmm. . . I think this 'double-standard' perspective might just come from the fact that one player is a turnover-prone fifth year veteran (originally a much-sacrificed-to-earn-first round pick) and the other just finished his second start.

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    Re: Double standard

    We sacrificed for Boller at the time because our only other QB was Chris "I wasn't juiced" Redman. We were desperate, and were forced to make sacrifices to get to 19.

    Boller has been a disappointment, but other teams have done worse at QB with mid-first picks and higher.

    Now it is five years later. We have had long periods with Anthony Wright and Steve McNair starting under center. We had some success with McNair last year, but then he got old suddenly before the Bills game and has not been young again since. Wright was a disaster.

    Anyway we are where we are. Entering next year, on paper at least, we have McNair/Boller/Smith. Which means Boller is the backup quarterback today, before the playoffs even start in 07, for the 08 season.

    Meanwhile the Entire Organization is in disarray with no coaching staff, and very high ranking officials who have suddenly been effectively told they are out of the loop on key organizational decisions.

    Really, it is time for people to let go of their hatred for Kyle Boller, and see him for what he is. A backup quarterback who is under contract for one more year, and who can be cut or released depending on what else goes on in the off season. During his time here other quarterbacks have been equally/more ineffective (e.g., Wright), or starting ahead of him (e.g., McNair).

    There, you have the whole story. Can we let it go now, and worry about the future, instead of wringing our hands about the past?

    His definitions and arguments were so clear in his own mind that he was unable to understand how any reasonable person could honestly differ with him.

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    Re: Double standard

    Kevlar, I will say whatever I feel, whenever I feel.

    If you don't like it, put me on ignore. Either way shut the hell up.

    The fact is that this issue has absolutley zero purpose considering we need a new coach who whill THEN decide who the QB is going to be.

    And we don't know if a new system and offense will or won't change the QB play of any of our QB's because we've only seen the same offensive woes for 9 years.

    This is just simply not a big issue right now.

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    Re: Double standard

    You wanna hear of a double standard?

    When someone gives his favorite QB credit for "Winning Games" but then turns around and says "you can't blame him for the loss".

    Or when someone condems a WR for not catching a ball that was thrown by his favorite QB even though he had to completely stretch out and just barely got his fingertips to the ball and then completely berates the other QB for making a similar poor throw and gives the WR a pass.

    Boller is just another Tedford lemon who needs an extrordinary team around him to achieve mediocre.

    Did anyone notice that in Boller's 5th year he finally took the reigns of a hurry up/2 minute offense? Also, did anyone notice that in Smith's 1st year and 2nd set of game snaps that he was already taking charge of the 2 minute offense?

    He's already caught up to Boller in his first year! Imagine where he'll be in his 5th year if he keeps up this rate.

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    Re: Double standard

    So you are saying until this year Boller never successfully ran a 2 minute offense?

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    I can't pass up this opportunity.
    I been on message boards for years and I find it funny that people are complaining about talking about certain subjects and then state their freedom to say whatever they want. However, when it comes to others somehow they can't excercise that same freedom.
    And the title of the thread is.. "Double Standard".

    "The ironing is delicious" - Bart Simpson

    Lighten up, it's just a message board, just fans talking about things to pass the time until next September.

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    Re: Double standard

    Lighten up, it's just a message board, just fans talking about things to pass the time until next September.
    Raven QB threads go way back through history.Indeed they found a neolithic Raven QB thread painted in a cave somewhere.With a lot of smashed skulls on the cave floor.
    Put the smile back on your face.This is a 60 minute ball game.

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    Re: Double standard

    Quote Originally Posted by festivus View Post
    Boller has been a disappointment, but other teams have done worse at QB with mid-first picks and higher.
    True, for some reason people that Boller was the only first round pick to not pan out. Here's a list of first round QBs that have been a bust. Going back to 2000.

    Chad Pennington
    Michael Vick
    David Carr
    Patrick Ramsey
    Rex Grossman
    J.P. Losman
    Alex Smith
    Aaron Rodgers
    Matt Leinart
    Byron Leftwich
    Kyle Boller

    (Even through he was draft before 2000, lets never forget Ryan Leaf)

    Thats eleven out of 20 QBs pick in the first round since 2000. More than 50%of the QBs taken in the first round hasn't become successfull starters by the end of the regular 2007 season. So Boller isn't all alone is he.


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