Reading this tidbit from CBS' Pete Prisco makes me feel all "tingly" inside. This along with Steelers fans talking about who they willl select in next years draft should bring a smile to anyones face. I couldn't believe what i was reading in a recent online chat, when someone from "The Steel(in Big Ben's Jaw) city asked what position they should look to upgrade in the 2007 draft. After week 9!!!!!! "How sweet it is"

I've always thought Steelers linebacker Joey Porter was more bark than bite. Sure, he'd get some big sacks and he was a big reason why the Steelers played well last season, but in that defense that position is supposed to get sacks. Didn't Greg Lloyd and Kevin Greene and others do the same things? Porter has battled injuries this season, but he appears disinterested. That is, if you can find him. He was a total non-factor against the Broncos Sunday. The media loves Porter, especially one national magazine that put him on its cover this summer. But the way I see it, he's overrated.