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    Some things I think I've noticed

    Seems like we never run outside the tackles anymore.

    Jamel may be getting more carries but he is starting to look like Eddie George at the end of his run.

    Clayton is quite the busy bee, looks like a go to guy for first downs. Also seems they are trying to bust him loose.

    The Media people can talk about about how the Ravens are back to playing like they did in 2000, but that's BS. Our new profile is use the Pass to control the ball.

    Ever notice how when the National media (or Mike Preston) talk about the failings of last year all the blame is put on Boller. But if I remember correctly wasn't some other dude under center for part of the year. Thus another reason to pay no attention to the national media.

    If you look at offensive statistics you will see teams that get a lot of garbage time IE: San Francisco look better that they are because of the situations they play under.

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    Re: Some things I think I've noticed

    I agree,
    Jamal has the happy feet back again, I am a big Jamal supporter, but you are right in that statement

    Clayton has the heart of a Champ and has the abilities to move the chains and put up 6 on any play...

    The national media is rediculous and does nothing, but play favorites (ie. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady)


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