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    Rhys lloyd avgd 72 yds a kickoff in preseason...pretty good. In 2 games that he played he avgd 62yds. (pittsburgh and colts games 5 kickoffs total)

    Matt Stover avgs 63.5 yds a kickoff this year.

    The top 10 kickers avg 65-68yds, the middle 12 62-64 yds, and the bottom 10 58-61yds. They are a dime a dozen.

    Stover is right up there in the middle tier. There a few really good ones, a few really bad ones, and the rest are pick and choose. There is only 6yds difference between number 1 and number 20. Its all about the coverage not the so much the kicker.

    Stover gets it on avg to the 5 yd line. The top 2 guys avg it to the 1 and 2 yrd line. So when people make a HUGE deal about stovers kicks...i laugh.
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    Re: Bye Bye Rhys

    Very nice photo gallery....
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