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  1. Re: I've Hit The Proverbial Wall

    This year is what it is unfortunately.
    Wouldn't be the first time a good team from one year went into the tank the next, and more then most likely won't be the last.

    Of higher concern to me is our ability or lack there of to recover and field a better more competitive product next year.

    Way too much work to be done here in the off season for me to be able to take a positive outlook at this point for next year.
    If it was just a hole or two it wouldn't be that bad, but we got some real question marks heading into the off-season and too many of them to boot.
    Will Die A Ravens Fan!!

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    Re: I've Hit The Proverbial Wall

    I disagree.

    Let's look at what we do have when healthy.
    1 shutdown CB, that is 1 more than most teams have
    A good RB
    A good TE, when healthy
    The best safety in the game
    The best MLB (after seeing this team with and without him who can doubt?)
    A very good run-stuffing DL
    A young and talented if yet to gel OL (I think they are better than we have seen)
    Some very good possession WRs.

    We need better QB play, whether we can get that from the guys we have with a better OL is unknown but when Boller has time he looks a whole lot better. I am sure Smith would as well.

    We need CB depth. Our S depth seems good but we are WOEFULLY short at CB.

    We need a homerun hitting WR. This is the biggest need we have on offense, one guy who just scares the living crap out of the opposing DBs. This will allow Mason and Clayton to work the under and mid-range stuff, open Heap up and allow Williams to get some more one-on-one shots downfield. This has been a much ignored hole on this team for a long time.

    We need some LB depth in the middle.

    Finally, we need a pass rushing DE like Pryce, doesn't have to be as good as Pryce but a big guy who can play DL and still get to the QB regularly.

    Some of these pieces will be available reasonably in FA if we shop wisely, like we did in getting Pryce.

    In the draft we need to get that burner WR, a QB, some CB depth and some ILB depth. Hopefully the first day sets up for us to get the WR and QB in the first 2 rounds.

  3. Re: I've Hit The Proverbial Wall

    Something happened to McNair befor the sucky Colts playoff game last year. He started looking stale and just kept it up when he was playing this seaon.

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    Re: I've Hit The Proverbial Wall

    If I hear someone bring up "at least we have a team" or "just remember the Mayflower trucks" in response to people venting I seriouisly may go kick the neighbors cat square in the face.

    So we lost a team in a crappy manner and because of such we cant vent about a bad season? Or we've had a bad season but have to keep our traps shuts and be thankful we have a team?

    Im glad none of you who say that are going to have interaction with my kids when I have some. By your logic, I wont be able to have an opinion when when my kid is messing up in school -- I'll just be happy to have a kid, high expectations be damned and if I bitch to much, a big green moving truck will take the tyke away!

    Yeah, that's pretty solid logic.

  5. Re: I've Hit The Proverbial Wall

    I knew you would disagree Greg. Hehehehe

    You're awful optimistic about what you have seen, I'll give you that.

    Both McCallister and Rolle are getting a little long in the tooth right now.

    Mccallister probably still has a couple years in the tank left, but Rolle I'm not too sure about.
    The Rolle question will be answered soon I'd imagine.

    Watching this defense without Ray Lewis should scare the crap out of everyone.

    They look completely different without him regardless of how many steps he may or may not have lost.

    At some point we need to find somebody to step in and take his place.

    Doesn't have to be now, but it ain't something you want to put off too far.

    Ogden is probably done, and so is Flynn.

    There is nothing about these young guys showing me any promise that they'll be able to step up and improve to the level they need to be to keep our QB upright and comfortable to play.

    Terry has showed some signs but he hasn't been playing.
    Yanda IMO is not big enough to play RT and stop the elite pass rushers that most teams seem to be bringing in or already have.

    Chris Chester hasn't really shown much in his limited time in and both Brown and Grubbs I'd rate as adequate.
    They certainly aren't in the class of a Hutchinson or Faneca type.

    To me, you at least have to have one or two elite types on your offensive line to help hide the deficiences(sp?) of the less talented ones up there with them.

    (Kind of like Pittsburgh did with Kedrick Vincent.)

    We have nobody of that stature on that line.

    Trevor Pryce is also getting long in the tooth, so I agree we need another true pass rushing DE at minimum for depth if not to start.

    Our receivers and QB play pretty much speak for themselves.

    Neither is really any good.

    Possesion type receivers at best with Williams being the only real deep threat with some size and speed.

    Suppose we draft a QB in round 1 or 2 as you suggest we should/might?

    That dude is a project at best that won't see the field until 2009 at the earliest unless he has to step in dude to injury like we saw yesterday.

    We don't have a 3rd round pick unless we get one as a compensation pick which I doubt.

    We don't exactly have a great track record with getting starting type players in the mid to later rounds.

    Our current cap situation doesn't permit us to hit the free agent market with a bang to grab somebody like an Asante Samual or somebody of that ilk that can step in immediately and fill a role we need or very well might need next season.

    As we've all seen, our depth in most areas has alot to be desired.

    That's an awful lot of holes to fill IMO in one off season my friend, with a limited cap situation and a bargain shopping GM.

    Hell, even when we draft offensive lineman we have to groom them and develop them for 2-3 years before they're deemed ready to play.

    That right there is our biggest problem IMO.

    The game begins and ends with the line play, and we tend to either ignore the offensive line or try and get by with marginal talent.

    Been that way for years and I don't see it changing anytime soon.

    With that type of phylosiphy, a run down QB like Mcnair, a rookie like Smith or a draftee or a shattered dude like Boiller will still stand no chance.

    Certainly we have some good players in various places, but definitely not enough to have this one off season cure enough problems to get us where we need to be to at least compete with the big boys much less over take them.

    I don't know, but we'll see soon enough.
    Will Die A Ravens Fan!!

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    Re: I've Hit The Proverbial Wall

    Quote Originally Posted by HoustonRaven
    If I hear someone bring up "at least we have a team" or "just remember the Mayflower trucks" in response to people venting I seriouisly may go kick the neighbors cat square in the face.
    Well, there's nothing wrong with that -- kicking your neighbor's cat square in the face, that is.

    As far as the venting goes, I am also not a fan of the "at least we have a team so don't complain" school of thought. Venting is not necessarily unhealthy, depending on what you're complaining about. I am very weary of the personal attacks on Billick and Boller, but there is nothing wrong with a dedicated fan questioning playcalling or draft selections. That's part of sports. As long as they aren't not petty, personal cheap shots, it should be fair game.

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    Re: I've Hit The Proverbial Wall

    The Fanatic and Greg are both right. We have some strengths going into the years to come but I am inclined to agree with The Fanatic, who wins on all close calls anyway because of the photo, because a lot of the mess we've seen this year *is* our youth, and I am not so optimistic as others that they have championship-level talent.


    His definitions and arguments were so clear in his own mind that he was unable to understand how any reasonable person could honestly differ with him.

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    Re: I've Hit The Proverbial Wall

    Just on the offensive line it needs to be pointed out that every single fanbase around the league overrates their skill position players (OK, we can't do that, we know half of them suck) and underrate their offensive line, and we are just the same with respect to our guys.

    On the offensive line, we have the talent there, it just needs time to gel and I think it needs a veteran presence too, if we lose Ogden and Flynn then our most experienced lineman will be Jason Brown, who has about 25 NFL starts (I think) after this season, that to me isn't enough to be the veteran leader of the line. That said, let's break the line down position by position:

    LT - Ogden is pretty much done and I think that right now he's not a great deal better if any than Terry. Ogden's got not much leg drive left and he can't drop his hips and respond to inside moves, he's really really struggling out there and I think that quite frankly he should have retired before this season. Terry is adequate and means we shouldn't need to bring in a part time vet in, though it probably would be the spot to bring a vet in at if possible for the short term. Then for the long term, we have the high ceiling rookie with Gaither. I'm a Terps fan and if Gaither can re-find his form from his freshman season, we've got another gem. His freshman season at UMD he was the best tackle in all of college football (with guys like D'Brickashaw Ferguson in their senior seasons), he didn't yield a sack, pressure or hit in his final 8 games to guys like Daryl Tapp who are now good starters in the NFL. That's the sort of talent we've got that will hopefully develop in the NFL (I'm confident and hopeful that he will develop).

    LG - Jason Brown, well folks up top said he was not on the level of Hutchinson (he's not) and Faneca, well probably not (though Faneca isn't close to the force he was and I'd rather have Brown now) but he is on the level below and he is a very good starter when compared to guys across the league. He's a very good run blocker, with good drive and he's got good technique and athleticism in pass pro. He also has that nasty streak playing to the whistle and a bit beyond. On a good team last year he was getting plaudits from guys at (forget who it was, I think it was Prisco) for being an outside shot at an all pro at guard, this year on a bad team he won't get those same plaudits but he should. I don't have a full analysis of every game this year from us, but when I do, I'm confident that he will consistently grade out as our best offensive lineman and one of the better guards throughout the league.

    C - Flynn hasn't been heckled anywhere near as much this year and that's warranted because he is solid, nothing more, nothing less, he's solid. We need someone to come through and depose him, but there's clearly something with Chris Chester's development that is keeping him from taking over here. Perhaps it well could be the fact that if we depose Flynn, we have no veteran presence on the line, I don't know, but there must be a decent reason.

    RG - Grubbs - He's looked like a rookie, any time I've paid close attention to him this year I've seen him make some really good blocks and then make some fundamental errors, it's what you have to accept with playing rookies. Give him time and he should develop, with playing next to Flynn and Yanda for a few weeks now we should be seeing some improvement.

    RT - Yanda - Considering he's a rookie, undersized and stepping out to tackle having played guard in college, he's had the struggles I'd have expected. This IMO isn't the year to judge him on, next year is. Give him next year to show whether this year is proving that he is only a guard in the NFL, or whether this year was a learning experience and he does have the capabilities to take what he's learning this year and develop into a viable NFL starter at RT.

    The o-line to me is simply a case of gelling, we've got some nice talent there, it just needs some direction and some time. What I think we have to do this off-season if we lose Ogden is:

    - Get a new line coach, nothing would please me more, I was never a fan of hiring Foerster in the first place and nothing I've seen from the O-line has filled me with confidence that he's the right guy for the job now. We need a better line coach here IMO.

    - Get a veteran presence in at LT or RT. If Flynn stays then we need another vet presence on the line somewhere. Someone who can come in and just be a stable presence for the younger, talented guys to take some stability and leadership from.

    Get stability on the line and I think the rest of the offence can follow, we saw that last year as proof positive. What I think we need more than anything on offence is a big bodied receiver. By this I don't mean another lanky Clarence Moore prospect, I mean a big receiver, 6'4 220 sort of range, he's doesn't have to be speedy but we need someone to compliment Heap on short passing situations. Without Heap we've had no-one who can fight for quick slant patterns. Mason will always punch above his weight and fight for balls he has no business getting to, but we need someone who has that size advantage for quick passes, that's something we've dearly missed this year with Heap out IMO.


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