Actually Stinger I do I agree that no matter what qb is back there, there are going to be troubles.
Houston is right though; despite the poor offensive design and the quality of the Seattle Defense, Smith only managed to have several turnovers as opposed to the eight or so that Boller would've had in the same situation. Smith looked fluid and took much better care of the ball than Boller ever has, given the same poor offense.

I am one of those people who will continue to say that Boller is a major problem - Billick loves the guy and I am willing to bet that he will only call plays to make Boller look good (no downfield calls for McNair or Smith, only Boller). Billick looked pissed on the sideline when Smith actually tried to be effective (by throwing the bomb to Mason) rather than simply looking bad for two games so Billick would have "just cause" to bring back Boller as the starter next year to give hime his 40th or so chance.

I think what the announcers said about how JO said that he really liked Troy and the way he composed himself. Mason and Jason Brown also verbalized their support for him.

I have never heard any players give Boller such support BECAUSE THEY DON'T LIKE HIM. He is a celeb partier who couldn't care less about winning; I never hear anything about him putting in the extra work in the weight room or film room, training with the recievers or anything to develop a repoire with his teammates. Read between the lines over what has gone on the past 5 years since Billick has been here. The team has NEVER responded to Boller; and they probably never will.

That is why I am more apt to give the same excuses you seem to be pleading for Boller to Smith Instead.

If you think it is race, think about the times the Ravens have played against Trent Dilfer since Billick let him go. JO always comments about how he (Trent) will always be "his QB" and how they still hang out and talk sometimes. Trent Dilfer commented the last time we played him in Baltimore (when he was with Cleveland) about how he still stays in touch with Ray as well.

Boller just doesn't click with this team and hasn't done anything to endear himself to his teammates. I am not going to go along with your sob story about how "unfairly" Boller has been treated because, with all the privledge Billick has given to him (starting without proving himself) and all the "special consultants" that were brought in just for Boller, I don't think he has been treated unfairly. This dude who shouldn't have been a starter from day one is basically the coaches son; everyone else on the team can see it and can see it has cost the team for some years.