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    The demands of the Nickel cornerback position are completely different than what is required of a team's LCB or RCB. It's totally unfair to expect Corey to succeed a position his skill set doesn't lend itself to. I happen to think Corey is an extremely reliable nickel corner.

    Nickel cornerbacks have to be phsyical, tough, and smart. Your island cornerbacks have to be physically gifted if not superior athletes, with excellent change of direction abilities and recovery speed. That's not Corey Ivy's game. Not close.

    But what exactly did anyone see in the New England game that would suggest Ivy should be cut 'on the spot'?

    Anyone happen to notice Ivy's main assignment in that game covering the slot with a healthy McAllister and Rolle on the field for once - what was Wes Welker's stat-line against us when we actually had two NFL caliber cornerbacks on the field along-side Ivy? What did he have, two catches? One of which came in the begining of the first quarter going up against Samari Rolle, not Ivy?

    I'll take him back next year happily. He's the least of my worries on this team.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Losac
    Good teams can rebound from injuries. Look at all the injuries on the Colts this year and they're sitting at 12-2.
    I agree that good teams can rebound from injuries, and I also agree that the Colts have had their share this season, but I think the Ravens' injuries have had a more severe impact on the team than the Colts injuries have had. When the Dolphins scored the OT TD yesterday, I didn't even recognize who the Raven was that was chasing him (Winbourne?).

    I'm not using injuries as an excuse, because nearly every team has them to some degree, but we've had more than our share and to ignore that would be ignorant.


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