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    Do you believe Billick has gotten....

    ....the most out of the talent handed to him by the front office during his tenure?

    I sure don't.

    Even in 2004 when we had as many Pro Bowlers as any team in the NFL we couldn't get a playoff win.

    Last season, Home favorite after 2 weeks to prepare and all we heard about how great the gameplan was going to be , this offense came out and blew chunks. There was nothing new or cutting edge about the gameplan going into the Colt game last season. It was classic Billick offense. fassel and Cavanaugh were the fall guys for this pompous windbag. It all makes so much sense now why Billick was the only guy in Baltimore that thought Cavanaugh was doing a credible job. he was running Billicks heinous offense.

    atleast we don't have to hear Billick talk about his "coaching tree" this offseason.

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    I don't know what to think anymore... It has all gone to hell in a hand basket. How you go from almost beating the Pats to losing to the Dolphins is beyond me!

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    Re: Do you believe Billick has gotten....

    Actually, I kind of do. This team has never had much talent on the offensive side of the ball. Most of the pro bowlers you mention were on the defensive side and when push comes to shove you still have to be able to score points. I'm certainly not impressed with his offensive game planning but I'm not convinced he's ever had a hell of a lot to work with over there. Even now, we have a very good running back and that's about it. The receivers are ok but certainly nothing really special, the OL is a huge question mark as to whether they will gel into anything. Sure Heap is special when he's on the field but that hasn't been often this season. Quarterback is a disaster as long as McNair or Boller are behind center and who knows about Smith - though I'd certainly love to see him play the rest of the year.
    I'm certainly not happy with our results but I'm not sure offensively we could expect anything more with what he's had to work with. My biggest beef with him is his extreme loyalty to a player. I realize they need time to develop but at some point they have to produce or sit down and Billick won't make them sit.


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    Re: Do you believe Billick has gotten....

    Good grief...not even close. His scheme is flawed and he never trusts his players. He loses a lot more games than he wins w/ his pathetic clock management and questionable play calling.



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