Ok, so we live thousands of miles away from the action.So I wondered how my fellow Raven fans away from the pond,set up for their Raven gameday ritual.

First I watch the Pontel DVD of the Raven game from the previous week.
Which I sometimes do while working out on my Total Trainer.[Got to
stay in shape during football season].
I get cold ones for the fridge,and something to chew during the course of the game.

I put my Raven jersey on.Fire up the pc, switch on NFL Field Pass to listen to the Ravens radio crew.Open up the NFL.com game stats page.
Open up Sephy's gamethread.And prepare to post my emotions.
Open and reply to UKRaven emails.

Jump up and down when the Ravens score,which can be dangerous wearing earphones.And if you have your pet cat curled on your lap,and he hasn't had his claws cut in awhile.

Make the wife a drink during a timeout,just to keep her happy.

There you have it.Three hours of purple frenzy thousands of miles from M&T.