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    How big is this game?

    First off, this game is a three game swing in the division. We're either two and a half games up on the Bengals after this game, or half a game down (the half game is the head-to-head tie breaker).

    Secondly, if we lose, there could be eight teams in the AFC that are 5-3 or better, and the Bengals would have control of the division having the tie breaking head-to-head win plus being 3-0 in the division to our 1-1. This makes it far from impossible to get into the playoffs, but it makes it FAR more difficult than our being 6-2 (only five teams can be that or better after this weekend) and up 2.5 games on the rest of our division.

    This game is MASSIVE. I'm sure Billick is stressing that and I'm sure the players realize it. I'm just hoping they play up to it.

    I'm also hoping the fans all realize it and act appropriately as the 12th man this weekend!

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    Re: How big is this game?

    Your definition of half-game is different than the traditional use, but otherwise, I follow and agree.

    I'll take the 6-2 version, thanks!

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    Re: How big is this game?

    This game is HUGE no doubt about it.This will be the game we look back on at the end of the season and say either "that was the game that kept the momentum going and won us the division" or " if we would have only won that Cinci game we wouldnt be fighting for a spot right now."

    6-2 here we come.

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    Re: How big is this game?

    My only fear is that this game is bigger for the Bengals, and the Ravens have to keep that in the front of their minds, else they come with more heart.
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    Re: How big is this game?

    This one is a big confidence booster. We get a little bit of swagger going if we can bring this one home. Lower Section 146!!!

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    Re: How big is this game?

    huge, let me say very huge, should we win, we'll be 2 games up on the Bengals, that's a nice cashion at this point of the season imho, 6-2 at the half way mark is great, with only the Bengals imho being any form of challenge along with us in the North
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    Re: How big is this game?

    It's also big because a loss at home might have us staring at a sweep in Cincy.

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    Re: How big is this game?

    Huge. Section 109.

    Dress warm...Go Ravens!

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    Re: How big is this game?

    I agree this game is VERY important to both teams. The Ravens have the edge in my opinion though, the Bengals are coming into our house with more pressure on them than on us.

    With the 12th man we should be able to force them into mistakes! Reed imo will have a pick in this one and return it to the house! :hammer: :D

  10. Re: How big is this game?

    I see the Bengals trying to hit the big play right from the get go...They'll run a few times, but they are going to try and catch our secondary off gaurd...We need to get HUGE pressure from our O-line...I think Reed may get a pick off also

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    Re: How big is this game?

    Huge...I don't like to do this alot but look who we play next week. Tennessee. Theres a good chance if we win this we can be 7-2 going into back to back home games, along with two more home games later against Cleveland and Buffalo. Sets up an 11-5 record or better IMO. But we have to win tomorrow.
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    Angry Re: How big is this game?

    Its gonna be a really, really big one. Im ticked cause i live in NY and their not playing the game on tv, so im stuck monitoring it on


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