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    Petrino Resigns....Off to Arkansas

    This was brought up in the Redman thread but I thought it deserved one of it's own.

    It's pretty rare that an NFL coach resigns mid season.

    Seems like a good move for Petrino. The Atlanta job was a difficult one to start IMO without all the Vick stuff.

    Seems to me Petrino might have been in over his head to begin with and never really had a chance when the Vick stuff broke.

    IMO another example of a college coach that should stay in college.

    The SEC is a mecca for big time coaches and it just got another one.

    Whoever ends up with the Atlanta job is gonna have a hell of a time getting that team competitive.


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    Like I said in the other thread, dood is a weasel, and now he's a quitter. If you don't know his history at UofL, he was constantly saying one thing and doing another. All the while pulling an Irsay saying he wasn't looking at other offers when he was. One time he had to hold a presser and publicly apologize to the AD and school president.

    To quit in your first year before the season has ended is shameful.

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    Re: Petrino Resigns....Off to Arkansas

    Sounds like another Nick Saban, always looking for greener pastures. The Falcons are probably better without him.

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    Re: Petrino Resigns....Off to Arkansas

    Some advice for Rex Ryan...stay far away from Atlanta and this HC position.


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    Re: Petrino Resigns....Off to Arkansas

    So there is Arthur Blank, treating Vick like his son.And Vick screws him up.
    Then on MNF in the booth with the gang,Blank talking up Petrino and he walks out. Darn it Arthur get out of the backstabbing NFL game.
    Put the smile back on your face.This is a 60 minute ball game.

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    Re: Petrino Resigns....Off to Arkansas

    I realize he walked into a tough situation with the whole Vick fiasco, but still, quitting with three games left in your first season with the team? In hindsight, obviously a bad hire. Even Nick Saban stuck around longer than that. Seriously, who has quit a HC job that fast? He coached 13 games, right?

    And he leaves behind a mess for whoever takes his place.


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