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    Re: How Things Change

    you definitely have to include BJ Sams on that list. He is actually one of the best return men in the league. He was #1 several years ago and was pretty high up last year when he was playing. He practically won the Atlanta game for us.

    I hope they re-sign him and force a competition between he and Figurs.

    Figurs has a few fast breaks but mostly dud runs.

    Sams consistently got us VERY good field position and had virtually no ball handling problems as far as I could remember.

    Sams was and is an important part of the winning equation.

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    Re: How Things Change

    I just dislike the guys inability to call a fair catch. He seems rogue at times. He ends up getting killed quite a bit. I admire his attempts at trying to make something out of nothing, but for the most part, would it kill you to call a fair catch?

    If Figurs can learn how to hold onto the fucking ball, I think he is the better of the two.
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