If he completely folds, he folds. Then we KNOW we need to draft a QB.
We wouldn't find enough out about Troy Smith if he played every minute to the end of the season that would stop us from drafting a QB. WE WILL DRAFT A QB, Troy Smith isn't going to show enough in a few games to stop that.

I have to agree with MistaT on one thing, Troy Smith probably isn't talented enough or big enough to make it in the NFL. That said, I wouldn't just cut the guy without getting him some work this year and next as I outlined above.

But we WILL draft another QB. There is no way this team will go into next season with Troy Smith and Boller as its only prospects at QB for the future.

And of course Billick is trying to win against Miami, do you want the Ravens to be THE ONE TEAM they beat? I want a few more wins to get us down a few more picks in the draft. Drafting top 5 is a cap killer, the chance of a bust killing you cap-wise for a few seasons is very high. Ask a few Browns fans about busts at that level.