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    Re: Pro's Take: Y'all Must-A-4-Got! 'X-Factor' Troy Smith MUST GET A SHOT! (The Anderson Effect)

    Quote Originally Posted by AZRAVEN View Post
    Where I would disagree with this statement is in order to "coach up" a player, whatever that means, you must first have a coaching staff capable of "coaching up" a player and it doesn't appear to me we have that coaching staff. I think if Smith sits on the bench for five years he will come into his first game at basically the same place he is right now.

    I understand your sentiment. But at the same time, we've only tried this with Chris Redman and Derek Anderson.

    With Redman, we'll never know what could have been because he was having a decent season in 2002 before he blew out his back hunting on the bye week.

    With Anderson, somebody Neuheisal or otherwise must have done something right, because he's playing decent for the Browns.

    The key with coaching a player, I think, it twofold: 1) you're teaching them your system, their reads and progressions, and their pass protections so that they know them better than they know their wife 2) you're keeping their mechanics sounds and steady/standardized. Every drop should look the same, changing throwing motions, etc

    Overall, we might not have that coaching staff, but we'll never know. Because we rarely try.

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    Re: Pro's Take: Y'all Must-A-4-Got! 'X-Factor' Troy Smith MUST GET A SHOT! (The Anderson Effect)

    Quote Originally Posted by 4G63 View Post
    Good post Prolific, and I agree...he can't do any worse than what we've already done.....
    He should absolutely get a shot.... next training camp.

    There's no benefit to the team or Smith to having him play now...

    Give him a full offseason under his belt and see waht he can do next year. I'm not opposed to having him start next year, at all.

  3. Re: Pro's Take: Y'all Must-A-4-Got! 'X-Factor' Troy Smith MUST GET A SHOT! (The Anderson Effect)

    Yesterday's loss to the Dolphins was tough for me being as hardcore of a Ravens fan as I am.

    But the majority of the time that Troy Smith was leading the Ravens offensive attack yesterday, it appeared that he was effective enough to be a major part of two scoring drives which kept them in the game until the very end.

    Am I the only one who thinks that giving Troy Smith an entire week of practice with the first team and allowing him to start one of the last two games of the season couldn't hurt any worse than what happened on Sunday?

    You and I both know that our team is going to be talked about all week in relation to the winless Dolphins pulling one out in the end against my Ravens.

    And let's face it, I think we all have seen just about everything both good and bad that Boller has to offer, the Ravens pretty much know what they have in him after 5 years of watching him play for the purple and black.

    But Troy, the 'x' factor as I like to call him, is just an intriguing player considering his background and how he's gotten to this point in his career.

    He's a guy who didn't even start his collegiate career at QB. He paid his dues, worked his arse off and beat out arguably one of the most highly touted QB's coming into college for Ohio State and basically turned him into a high school football announcer.

    In two years, he led one of the most potent offensive attacks in college football and was at least partially responsible for sending three, count em, three first round WR's to the NFL that played with him during his two year tenure at OSU.

    The only other QB who's even come close to that in the last two years is JaMarcus Russell with the Raiders who just so happens to be 5 inches taller than him and oh yeah, the #1 pick in last year's draft.

    BTW, in case you were wondering, Russell sent Dwayne Bowe and Craig Davis in the first round of last year's draft.

    Smith sent Santonio Holmes in the first round in the 2006 NFL Draft, then he sent both Ted Ginn Jr. and Anthony Gonzalez in the first round of the 2007 NFL draft.

    I truly hope that the game isn't really measured only in inches when it comes to evaluating QB's in this league because I firmly believe that would be a mistake.

    I won't go as far as to say that Smith could be a world beater, that remains to be seen. I will say that just because you're not 6'6 doesn't mean that you can't be a capable QB in this league.

    Some would arguably say that if Troy Smith was 6'5 that he'd have been a Top 5 pick in th 2007 NFL draft. There's no way to tell that for sure, but I'm pretty sure that a few extra inches wouldn't have hurt his chances any. (just my opinion, put the hatchets away)

    Bottom line, this is the time of the year where there are two games left and the Ravens have multiple holes that need filling this upcoming offseason and in next years NFL draft.

    I've always been a firm believer that thorough evaluation of a player is the way to go before you decide to throw millions of dollars at another promising yet unproven rookie QB.

    With nothing left to lose and having no further to fall and nothing left to gain the rest of this year, why not give Troy at least one game to either earn a shot at the title next year or at the very least figure out what he has to work on in order to become a capable QB in the NFL.

    People have been doubting him his entire career. It only seems to fuel his desire to be great. But as I write this posting right now, there has to be at least one other Ravens fan who isn't at least curious as to what kind of QB Smith can ultimately be.

    Wouldn't it be awesome if (hypothetical situation coming StingerNLG, you can stop sharpening your tools of destruction) somehow the Ravens were to give Troy a shot at one of the last two games and he actually was a intrigal part of winning one of them?

    That would be something to see, a win. It's been a while and I'm exhausted. As far as enthusiaum is concerned, I'm fresh out. My devotion to my team is all that I have left. It'd be nice if they could give him a shot and we all as fans can get at least one before we close out the season.

    Just my opinion.-Pro-
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