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    Re: When did you leave?

    I stayed the whole time; moved downstairs in the 4th quarter to watch Troy Smith play which was the most pleasant part of the entire game. I was dressed appropriately for the game, but it was still damp and I felt it this morning.

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    Re: When did you leave?

    I left early in the 4th quarter. I was cold and so pissed off about the way the game went I thought it would be better then to bitch to everyone around me.

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    Re: When did you leave?

    We left the beginning of the 4th, wanted to load the chair in not a downpour. I had more fun watching the ejections of the idiots who wanted Madden to see them. 1 dude had a contraband beer (in a can not sold in the stadium) and was dumping it on everyone around him--Hilarious!


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