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    Quote Originally Posted by StingerNLG View Post
    Give me a break dude. You are absolutely off-hinge. I am in awe that someone would actually say "We never needed a #1 WR until now".

    BTW......PSSST. Where's our bail-out TE been all year? Your selective memory is fascinating.

    That is awesome copenhaggard. That is how winning teams think.

    And here's a question, WHO and WHAT SYSTEM tells the QB's not to win games, just not to lose them? I guess that is all the QB's fault too. I'm sure Boller, and Redman, and McNair, and Blake, and on down started getting plays in their ears and had to call time-outs to go to the sidelines to plead with Billick not to run imaginative plays or send a WR deep.

    Oh yeah, and if "I won", we'd have a actual #1 WR. But we don't. And it is a headscratcher to read someone type that we don't need one.

    (oh, and I can point to more than just the NE game. Unfortunately your hatred has blinded you to anything but that as a response. Good work Copen. I see YBR has taught you well.)
    Yes, yes, my selective memory forgot all about this year, my bad. This isn't about just this year, this has been about ALL the years.

    Until this season, our defense was the main reason we won games, case and point. We've never been able to just start adding #1 talent to our offense, when we've had so much tied up in the defense. But we've had enough talent on offense to win, and we haven't. I mean, what kind of personnel are you expecting with a salary cap?

    Did you and some of the other people here JUST realize we are missing some needed pieces on offense, including an actual fucking gameplan? Or did you only realize that when Boller failed?

    Oh, about the unimaginative plays. What type of offense can Boller run? He, and the rest of the QBs we've had couldn't even run a "play not to lose" offense. Now you want Billick to open the playbook more? What did "opening" the playbook up this year do? What did throwing the ball 60-40 do?

    You complain about not having a deep threat #1 receiver, yet you are complain that we didn't in the past run a dynamic offense, with deep routes? Our QBs can't even get the ball to our receivers deep now, and certainly not before.

    What are you going to point to the NE game for? Great, and I mean great game by Boller, followed by a stinker. Story of his career. Scattered great games, with a whole hell of a lot of inconsistency. You know, if Boller was at least consistent, do you think we would even be having this conversation?
    Season over, guess I'll have to start drinking beer again...

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    Re: Troy Smith

    It doesn't matter as much who plays QB for us as it does that the offensive line protects him consistently. Brady and Manning have great talent, no question, but they also consistently get lots of time to scan the field and find open receivers. When they get pressured, they're mortal (Manning had a six pick game, Brady struggles when pressured.) The Ravens under Billick, save for last season. have had problems with pass blocking (run blocking was the focus) and problems with QB production - the two are related. McNair this season continued to display his problem at the end of last season, inability to throw deep, but he was also constantly pressured and sacked, which made matters worse. Whether we sign a free agent stopgap to start at QB next season, or Boller starts (even if we draft a QB instead of the shutdown corners we desperately need, he won't start, possibly all season), the offensive line MUST do a much better job protecting the signal caller if we are to have any hope of increasing the points scored and decreasing the turnovers by the QB.

    In no way am I saying that Boller, Smith, or prior Raven QBs would be Brady or Manning if they had the same protection those guys get, as those guys are more talented. I am saying that with better protection, Boller would be more consistent and put up better numbers and more points. We saw against the Pats, even with so-so protection (he was often hit just after he threw, or a defender just missed hitting his arm as he was throwing), that he can play well with some protection - with better protection, it's only logical to think he could play that well or better on a regular basis. If he could average 24+ points a game, the defense (which has also had a down year, as it doesn't pressure QBs or force turnovers) would have less pressure on it. I know I'm in the minority, but I think Boller can do that, but it depends on pass protection. Offense starts with the offensive line - if it doesn't make holes for running backs, or protect passers, the offense will struggle.

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    Re: Troy Smith

    Quote Originally Posted by purplepoe View Post
    All I will say is this.

    There is most definitely some serious hypocrisy that has gone on this year with regards to the way the QBs get critiqued on this board.

    And it's painfully obvious.



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