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    Re: What do you guys think of this?

    Quote Originally Posted by UKRaven View Post
    Whilst the idea of a dedicated facility might need a NASA like budget, it does make sense to prepare for rain / snow and away games. It does appear we have a training programme that does not work and we seem never prepared for anything!!!!

    Throw buckets of water over the offence - it's cheaper!!!
    I don't think it would be as expensive as you think. Pumping and draining water isn't that hard or expensive. Hell, 2 of these pumps are kindof expensive, but in the context of winning and losing, they're damn cheap......IT COULD BE DONE and would be worthwhile, but sadly, it'll never happen......

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    Re: What do you guys think of this?

    The Ravens do practice with crowd noise. You wouldn't have to make the whole facility "rain," just a section. There isn't anything wrong with the idea.


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