So this thread is just to start an honest overall discussion of what to do about fixing this team next year (other than getting healthy) and the pros and cons of all solutions.

I've been thinking about it more as I watched that sorry preformance last night

1) We don't need to overpay Terrell Suggs. I'm starting to think he's a real waste at DE. He doesn't have enough pass rush moves, he doesn't effectively use his hands/arms to disengage from players who are assigned to block him. Are his arms short or something? What is wrong with this guy? It seems like he expects to use sheer power alone to overcome the other player blocking him. We need to draft a new DE and coach him up better than Suggs

2) What to do about coaching? I would say fire Brian Billick. But I think if you fire Brian Billick, you're basically giving up on Boller (ok) but more importantly setting back Troy Smith (who we don't know a lot about right now). I think we definitely have to think of getting a new O Coordinator, and hopefully a new system. I'm FINALLY fed up with what we have. If we can't do it next year, then fire Billick.

3) At QB, what to do? Draft a QB? Start Troy Smith? Let Boller have at it for 1 more year? Really, the o-line played shitty enough last night (night and day v. the effort against the Patriots) that I don't know if we'll even get to know who the real Kyle Boller is v. the real Troy Smith or anyone else. 1st thing I think is get a real o-line. That'd give someone a real chance

4) WR/TE. I like to see that Devard Darling is growing. I still have hope for D Will, and Mason and Clayton are decent. What we need is an impact TE. Maybe that will be Heap being healthy, but like a lot of people I'm starting to wonder about him. If he can't get healthy, we don't have enough threats to open it up. I would draft an impact WR or TE.

5) CB. We need to draft a CB for depth. Our corners are old.

6) DT. We are thin at DT, and need to get healthy and draft more depth.