I'd like to give a different perspective on all of this, and look at the class demonstrated by Tony Dungee last night. It is one of the reasons why I don't detest the Colts anymore like I once did. Here's a guy who lost his son a couple of years back, and also lost a playoff game to the Steelers. This guy had all the reason to turn bitter, but he adhered to his faith and has remained at the top of the heap, along with Joe Gibbs, as real gentlemen in this league. Tony called off the dogs Early last night - that score could've easily reached the 70s, dare I say. For one reason, we had zilch at corners; zero pass rush; and, most significant, THIS TEAM QUIT! I guess this team can only get up for One game a year. Tony, along with everyone in the stadium, knew the Ravens were ripe for running it up. Bellichik would've been foaming at the mouth. Tony you're a Class act, and I wish you and the Colts nothing but the best - you deserve it!