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I've stopped really caring about the time I left the stadium, but understand that we aren't done with the pain of the season yet.

But I just want to make sure I understand. Everyone here is ok with the Ravens possibly being the 1 in Miami's 1-13 as long as we get to see Troy Smith?

I'm pretty sure even the Dolphins can figure out our awesome "run, run, short pass" prolific attack that Billick puts out there every week.

Clearly once again, I am not against playing Troy Smith at this point. I really haven't figured out if I care anymore this year about anything Ravens. And not that I have anything against Smith, but I have zero faith in Brian Billick, so my expectations are about the same.

You know what is funny about the game against the Colts? Up until that game, stinger and I were really pulling for Boller. I do not hate the guy and will not resort to calling the guy a loser as I know Stinger will not either, but what a difference 6 days makes. I defended Boller and wanted Sunday to be a great followup to the Pats game. That game against the colts broke my fucking back.

Do not take my wishes to start Smith as me claiming that i hate Boller, but I am not stupid. something needs to happen and happen soon. Hence my wishes to see troy Smith get some field time against a starting defensive line.