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    Matchups Tonight Against the Colts

    OK so I'm not making much progress with my analysis of Lions vs Bucs from week 7 that I started today so I thought I'd put up a list of some key matchups as I see it tonight. This game really intrigues me, on the one hand we're gonna be physically and emotionally drained from that game on Monday night, but on the other hand the matchup with the Colts doesn't appear to be as bad as in previous seasons, so I don't know, even though my head is telling me Colts by a couple of scores, my heart is telling me we can sneak this. Anyway, onto some matchups:

    Reggie Wayne vs Chris McAlister

    In previous matchups we've had McAlister running in man coverage on Harrison and he's done a decent job most times, but with Harrison out we can finally take Rolle off of Wayne. The last two times we've played them we've had Rolle playing at least 8 yards off Wayne most downs and the Colts have had the release valve to Wayne on out patterns underneath Wayne and with a QB as good as Manning that's like an average QB having a good tight end, he's gonna make those passes more often than not. However, with Harrison out (if McAlister is good to go) I'm hopeful that we can have McAlister follow Wayne in man coverage and play him more physically than we've been able to in the past. Get in Wayne's face, jam him at the line, throw the timing off etc. and I think that's a new challenge for Wayne.

    Of course this match up all depends on CMac being able to go, I don't see why he wouldn't?

    Linebackers vs Dallas Clark, Ben Utecht

    For a couple of years it's seemed to me that we lose tight ends in key third down situations and with the Colts we've little excuse for this being the case. With them being minus Harrison, Clark is now their 2nd target and Utecht is also seeing a lot of passes from two tight end sets. We can't afford to lose these guys in key situations. This is a matchup we just have to win and Johnson, Scott, Ray or the safeties have got to stick with these guys as Manning will be looking their way a lot.

    Corey Ivy vs Anthony Gonzalez

    I thought Ivy played a tremendous game on Monday night against Wes Welker. Welker has been outstanding playing out of the slot this year, but Ivy played him very physically and I really don't think Welker was much of a factor at all during the game. Welker is a shifty little bugger and if you give him a free release, he'll make you pay. Ivy didn't give him that free release, he jammed him very well and played him tight for most of the game. This didn't allow Brady to check down to his slot option and with Benjamin Watson playing an absolute stinker, he didn't have a chance to check down to his inside options. Which really helped our pass rush. We're gonna need more of the same tonight, Gonzalez is a reliable threat from the slot and I think Ivy's gonna have to get in his face as he did with Welker on Monday and not give Manning those inside looks, force him to look outside and go through more reads, give our D-line and blitzers more time to get at the Colts line which hasn't been it's imperious self this year.

    Kelly Gregg vs Jeff Saturday

    Gregg may had limited snaps this year but I still think he's our best defensive player and he's gonna have to put in a stellar outing tonight to make an impact. Saturday is the best centre in the league without a second thought, he is probably the most clear cut elite player at any position in the league, there's no-one close to him at the moment IMO. Gregg and Ngata are both going to have to put in big performances to impose themselves in this game. The guards can be beat and Ngata and Gregg will have to make a lot of their living off of the guards tonight, but if we can get some movement on Saturday early we could have some joy up the middle with the shortest line to Manning.

    Tony Ugoh vs Terrell Suggs

    Don't believe the press about him being one of the better rookie performers, Ugoh has been little short of terrible this year IMO. He's been giving up pressure left, right and centre and Suggs has got to put in a big performance tonight. Get him moving backwards early in the pass rush and you could be on for a big night, Terrell. Ugoh has improved a lot from early season sealing those stretch plays the Colts like to run, but if you beat him early and knock his confidence a little he can be an area to zero in on with the gameplan.

    Kyle Boller vs Bob Sanders

    Boller put in a very sound game on Monday night and showed a lot of composure, his ability to sell plays and draw Sanders in on passing plays will be vital in this one. Boller also mustn't force throws anywhere, this defence is mighty fast and will swarm to poorly executed plays. This entire offence will be under pressure from the speed of the defence and the fact that we absolutely cannot get behind the chains in this one, we've gotta keep up with our down and distance. The Colts defence has been much improved this year and has done a very good job putting opposing offences into situations that they are comfortable with, we should all know full well that if that happens tonight we are sunk.

    Marshal Yanda vs Robert Mathis

    Yanda has played well at times this year but he'll be sorely tested by Mathis who I believe is still lining up at DLE even with Freeney going down for the season. I hope he'll get plenty of help because Mathis could very easily eat him up for dinner in this matchup. If we come out with a steady dose of the run this will help, grind Mathis down, don't let him get moving forwards on Yanda, but if we're forced behind chains then this is a matchup the Colts will win unless we give Yanda extra help

    Just some bored Sunday afternoon ramblings, be interested to hear other people's thoughts on these and any other matchups you'll be keeping an eye on tonight.
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    Re: Matchups Tonight Against the Colts

    Good read as always Stockers. I would stay up and watch the game live on 5.
    But I only got 2 hours sleep today after clubbing with my workmates up Brighton.
    Put the smile back on your face.This is a 60 minute ball game.

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    Re: Matchups Tonight Against the Colts

    Are we blacked out again tonight? I need to decide which jersey to wear!
    WARNING: This post may contain material offensive to those who lack wit, humor, common sense and/or supporting factual or anecdotal evidence. All statements and assertions contained herein may be subject to literary devices not limited to: irony, metaphor, allusion and dripping sarcasm.

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    Re: Matchups Tonight Against the Colts

    Ivy vs. Gonzales should be interesting. I agree that Ivy played really well on MNF, but his performance surprised me because he's had some other games this year in which he was not too impressive. I don't really know what to expect from him game-to-game, but I hope we get the good Ivy tonight.

    Your description of Yanda vs. Mathis has me worried. I hadn't even thought about it until reading your post, but it does sound like a potential mismatch.

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    Re: Matchups Tonight Against the Colts

    Quote Originally Posted by HoustonRaven
    Are we blacked out again tonight? I need to decide which jersey to wear!
    If you're referring to the players, they can only go all black once a year, correct? Unless they changed that rule this season.

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    Re: Matchups Tonight Against the Colts

    Quote Originally Posted by highwater View Post
    If you're referring to the players, they can only go all black once a year, correct? Unless they changed that rule this season.
    According to this atricle the Ravens we go all black tonight.

    Says it at the very end.


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