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  1. Re: Pro's Take: 2008 NFL Draft The Ravens Take... a DE? WHAT???

    Thanks for the insights, there's more to chat about than what's gone wrong, there's also what can go right for our favorite team in the very near future.

    I'd love it if the Ravens were to trade down for multiple picks in the first round but currently the only team who has multiple first rounders is Dallas. They have their own and they also have Cleveland's first rounder from the Brady Quinn deal in last year's draft.

    Problem is that both teams are doing well and those picks are gonna be late rounders. There's value there though, something worth keeping an eye on these last few weeks of the season.

    Finally got my laptop fixed and with the end of the year coming around, the boss has been right over my shoulder these past few months. Still have been keepin up with what's been goin on here whenever I can.

    Honestly, if there was a premier WR or CB in this draft I'd be leaning in that direction. But if you take a good look at what's available, there's no McAlister/Bailey/DeAngelo Hall type player at CB.

    That guy you'd feel pretty sure about taking with a top ten pick over other players who could possibly have more of an impact on your team at other positions.

    Heck, even the receivers available in this year's upcoming draft don't make you believe that they'd be worth a top ten pick. You never wanna pick a receiver simply because it's a position of need like how the Dolphins 'reached' for Ted Ginn Jr. who has a whopping 18 rec. for 259yds and 1 TD.

    Wow. WTF were they thinking? But that's a prime example of how you can 'reach' for a player because of need.

    Heck the leading receiver out of the bunch that were taken in last year's draft wasn't Ginn or Calvin, it's Dwayne Bowe with 54 rec. for 786yds and 4 tds.

    This year's draft has a few interesting prospects at WR, but most mock drafts have the earliest receiver coming off the board in the mid teens which means that you'd probably be reaching if you use a top ten pick on any of the receivers available in this year's draft.

    You'll probably be able to pick a comparable player with your 2nd rounder if you're so inclined to pick up a WR. We all have to remember that Bengals WR Chad Johnson, whom I'd consider one of the top receivers in the game today, was a 2nd rounder too.

    This year is ripe with defensive linemen who are gonna make significant impacts to their respective teams. Although I called Dorsey overrated, when healthy he does present his own set of problems to opposing blockers. The key to him is staying healthy.

    There's also Sedrick Ellis from USC, Calais Campbell from Miami, Penn State's OLB/ILB Dan Connor & Ohio State's ILB James Laurinaitus and DE Vernon Gholston.

    And of course out of all of them IMO Chris Long is gonna be the one who if placed in the right situation like with the Ravens, he's gonna be a guy who can potentially put up close to double digit sack numbers in his first year.

    This will be a draft where alot of teams get better defensively and if the Ravens pick up Chris Long I think they'll be among the winners in this upcoming draft.

    Just my opinion.-Pro-

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    Re: Pro's Take: 2008 NFL Draft The Ravens Take... a DE? WHAT???

    I agree on the Chad Johnson thing...for instance I think Mario Manningham will be a great wide receiver in the pros and he's barely spoken about in the first round. If he is in the first it's at the very very end.

    Long is a solid option, though I am partial to getting the top cornerback, who i believe to be Malcolm Jenkins first, I am a big Kendall Langford fan and think he'll be pretty darn good and has potential to go in the late second to third rounds. (small school, big time talent).

    We'll see how it plays out, I do like your arguments. Lots of options out there depending on the record once the dust settles.


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