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    Steelers Lose to Oakland!

    How far the mighty have fallen!! Ben looks terrible and now it might be too late for Batch to dig them out.

    Baltimore and Cincy alone at the top!

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    Re: Steelers Lose to Oakland!

    Wow...Ben threw 4 INT's....two ran back for TD's by went 100 yds the other way. I was checking out the scoring on like the Raiders put up a good goal line stand at the end as well.

    we aren't just loyal, we are obsessed. and we are violently so. we are baltimore, and we are the epitome of dysfunctionality.

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    Re: Steelers Lose to Oakland!

    My guess is that Batch will get the nod next week.

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    Re: Steelers Lose to Oakland!

    Doesn't get any easier for the "champs" with Denver next week.

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    Re: Steelers Lose to Oakland!

    too bad, the Stealers bounced back and...oh, wait, they lost, AGAIN.
    my paper lists them as 2-6 & tied with the Browns. Can this be right???
    (he he he he he)
    oh, how the mighty are fallen.
    Lots of people bash Jake Plummer for not being a big-time qb, but he sure wins a bunch of 'little' games.


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