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    Secondary Concerns!

    The secondary gave up some big plays again today! 2 NO receivers combined for 290 yds, and this is the second game of giving up over 350 yds passing. The 1st quarter TD was definitely a "rookie" mistake by Landry, but the rest of the game by our secondary was terrible!

    What I see is that if our defensive front does not get to the quarterback, they will torch our secondary. We are lucky to pressure the QB as that is what makes our defense so strong, but the secondary needs to step up to be as strong as the rest of the defense as a whole when we can't get to the QB!

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    Re: Secondary Concerns!

    We will gamble big time with a lead. Few of those yards were gained in the first half. Most were in the catch up mode.

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    great game today and lookin forward to next week

    just hope the secondary steps up or it will be a longggg day
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    Re: Secondary Concerns!

    Rolle has definitely become the new "burnt toast". Why not give Prude a few looks at starting corner? Of course that'll never happen with how loyal Billick is to his veterans.

    I have to say I am concerned about us getting burned on the deep ball with the Bungles next week. Carson/Chad/TJ will have a field day against Rolle.

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    Re: Secondary Concerns!

    U didn't notice the prevent when we were up 35-7 or 35-14 whichever it was ?

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    Re: Secondary Concerns!

    Prevent or not, giving up nearly 400 yards through the air is unacceptable.

    Especially with names like Rolle, Reed and McAlister back there.

    These guys are overrated until proven otherwise.


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