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    Re: The Double Standard that is Joe Flacco and nobody has an answer

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    They sure haven't done Joe any favors putting him behind a shitty line and having a weak running game behind him. The receivers are also so-so.

    At this point, my fear is he's become Drew Bledsoe circa 2003/2004. He's not going anywhere for the next year or two at least due to the cap, so they better figure out a way to improve the offense around him. Do that, and he is probably still salvageable, IMO.
    Ozzies just going to double down on defense again.

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    Re: The Double Standard that is Joe Flacco and nobody has an answer

    Who would have confidence playing in this offense? I think the reason why Harbaugh doesn't shit on Flacco, even though Flacco isn't playing well is, because Harbaugh's the main cause for it with his Bo Schembechler mentality. If he honestly benched Flacco fans would get a clearer view of how he (Harbaugh) is the main issue. Let's be real here, some say Boldin bailed out Flacco. Flacco bailed out Harbaugh with that post-season performance in 2012. Then, the performance in the 2014 playoffs.
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    Re: The Double Standard that is Joe Flacco and nobody has an answer

    Answer to the question is simple... not everybody is equal. Joe Flacco is more valuable than Alex Collins. He's accomplished more, and therefore his leash is longer.

    If Joe Flacco were playing as badly as he is now in his rookie year, he likely would have been benched (or at least be on a shorter leash to be benched).

    Or, put another way... what has Alex Collins done to warrant a longer leash?


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