The Good:

1. We are alone in first place at 5-2!

2. McNair seems to have found his accuracy and his arm.

3. Jamal runs for over 100 yards.

4. Todd Heap and Derrick Mason stepped up to make plays.

5. Ronnie Prude and Dawan Landry shows us that we have a bright future in our secondary.

6. Special Teams gets two thumbs up for field position on today.

The Bad:

1. Samari Rolle must be finished as an effective CB in the NFL. He is just lost right now. Should we give Ronnie Prude a look at starting at CB?

2. Secondary communication. These guys must get on the same page. There seems to be too much free styling and not enough discussion on where they are to be on the field. Gerome Sapp left Joe Horn wide open on that TD catch.

3. Jamal Lewis. He got his 100 yards and he got his carries (31 carries), but he still was not a factor on today. His yards were quiet, and he barely got those yards against a team that is among the worst in run defense.