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    Maybe Time To Let Heap Go

    Before I start this is not a hate subject against Tood. I really like Heap as a player and a person. However he has taken a real beaten over the years and is not on the field when we need him. This year he has 23 Rec / 239 Yds. / with one (1) TD. We need players on the feild not the sideline. Yes a lot of you will attack me for this subject but maybe we should trade him for a draft pick that may bring us a draft pick to get a beast OL player. This team needs a lot and just having Todd won't work.

    As a person he is great giving 1 million to Frankiln Square Hospital and as a Player when he plays he performs well. I just don't know how much more his body can take in this offense.

    We are more then one player away so any addtion picks we can pick up will help this team.

    I really do like Todd but it maybe the best move now.

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    Re: Maybe Time To Let Heap Go

    The Ravens need better depth at TE. Syp is alright, but he doesn't scare anyone.

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    Re: Maybe Time To Let Heap Go

    We just had this discussion. What's wrong with that thread?

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    Re: Maybe Time To Let Heap Go


    Losing makes people think odd things I guess.

    Heap is a 2 time pro-bowler and one of the bright spots on an offense that has been downright dreadful. Only TWO TIMES in his career has been hurt and missed a substantial amount of games -- this year and 2004. Because of that, you want to let him go???

    TE's cant operate when his QB is either hurt, on his ass or being chased by 300lb linemen.

    I want whatever you're smoking ...

  5. Re: Maybe Time To Let Heap Go

    He has had only 2 seasons 2004 and this season where he has missed a considerable amout of time. His rookie year was the only other season his stats were, because he was a rookie learning the nfl.

    The last 2 seasons he avg 800 yds receiving and 6tds, on this offense, thats a lot. its waaaaaay to early to get rid of him now. He is still a pro bowl te and any team in the NFL would gladly take him. The Ravens need him to build any kind of an offense. if we get rid of him, we'd need a qb, o-line, and a TE.

    IF he is injured next year then you start thinking maybe he cant recover, but if he never plays another game this year, he would only missed 20games over 7 years.
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    Re: Maybe Time To Let Heap Go

    Straining his hamstring has nothing to do with taking a beating.

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    Re: Maybe Time To Let Heap Go

    You don't hear Indy saying we should get rid off Marvin Harrison cause he's not on the field when we need him. If you think we should get rid of one of our best offensive weapons thats your opinion. But I think, and most will agree, that your dead wrong.

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    Re: Maybe Time To Let Heap Go

    No. That would be tremendously stupid.

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    Re: Maybe Time To Let Heap Go

    I have to say I am very tired of all the bitching going on here. Everyone wants heap, ray, jo, ect gone....blow up the team bs. It is just a down year people EVERY team has one for one reason or another, our main reason this year injuries. Look at pitt they had a ton of injuries last year and they sucked, now they are healthy and playing better. Please get a grip people it is just not our year, but seriously enough with the lets get rid of our team shit!
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    Re: Maybe Time To Let Heap Go

    Todd Heap is only 27 years old. He is far from washed up. He is still one of the mainstays of the team that you can build around. Especially for the Ravens offense that utilizes these dink and dunk west coast offense plays. I think it would be very foolish to trade or let him go. I guarantee you someone would pick him up in a heartbeat. We really miss him on the field this year and that is why it is so important to keep him. Look how lousy we are without him.

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    Re: Maybe Time To Let Heap Go

    What an insane thread. Get rid of Todd Heap? I agree that this year is a waste with him being hurt but a healthy Heap is a top 5 TE in the league...period. Letting him go would be a huge mistake.
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    Re: Maybe Time To Let Heap Go

    No,No,No not time to let Heap go. The Ravens need to get more players to help him so he doesn't get his ass kicked every game.

    I want Tood to retire a Raven.


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